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Errol Brickworks is a manufacturer and supplier bricks, in Scotland since 1994.

Errol Brickworks    United Kingdom
Errol Brickworks supplies includes: terracotta facing bricks, floor tiles and engineering bricks are amongst the thirty types of bricks manufactured. The company has developed an unfired clay brick named the ECO brick which is used for internal walling and fully recyclable at the factory.

Kansas Brick and Tile produce bricks for architectural and residential construction since 1954.

Kansas Brick and Tile    United States
Kansas Brick and Tile specializes in manufacturing bricks for architectural and residential construction. Their types of brick includes modular, closure, western king, king, norman, utility, etc. They provide bricks and tiles in various colors like buff, brown, red, pink, ironspots, and gray. provides information about ceramics and mineral industries.    ,, specializes in providing information about ceramics and mineral industries. They provide information about abrasives, bricks, ceramic art, coatings and chemicals, cements, etc.

Elgin Butler manufactures bricks and masonry products since 1873.

Elgin Butler    United States
Elgin Butler specializes in manufacturing bricks and masonry products. The company product includes glazed brick, structural unglazed facing tile, patio tile, solar screen tile, residential fire box brick, swimming pool coping brick, parapet wall coping tile, etc.

We are committed to research, development and production of the refractory and insulation materials, since 1986.   Qingdao  0
QingDao Sunny Energy-saving Materials Co. Ltd is committed to research, development and production of the refractory and insulation materials, since 1986.\r\n\r\nProducts offered by the company includes high alumina brick, insulation mullite brick, slide gate plate, nozzle and ceramic fiber board, blanket, rope, paper, cloth, modules and ceramic fiber special shape products.\r\n\r\nIn additional company also offers products such as high alumina brick, high alumina ball, high alumina mullite brick, ceramic roller, refractory castable, ceramic fiber board, ceramic fiber cloth, ceramic fiber rope, ceramic fiber paper, ceramic fiber module, ceramic fiber blanket, etc.\r\n\r\nCompany’s products are used mainly in the areas like petroleum, chemicals, metallurgy, electricity, building, boiler, industry furnace, pipe, storage tank etc.

KEIR Manufacturing Inc produces ceramic products.

KEIR Manufacturing Inc   Brevard  United States
KEIR Manufacturing Inc specializes in manufacturing ceramic products. Their product includes airwipes, abrasives, guides, eyelets, bushings, welding sleeves, sand blasting nozzles, brick core tips, etc.

We specialize in manufacturer of ceramic fiber insulation and other insulation materials.   Zibo  0
Matrix Industry Company Limited is a professional manufacturer of ceramic fiber insulation and other insulation materials which have been widely used in building material, metallurgy, non-ferrous metal, chemical industry, electric power, boiler, machinery, light industry and other industries of industrial kiln.\r\n\r\nThe company Product includes Ceramic Fiber Blanket, Ceramic Fiber Board, Ceramic Fiber Bulk, Ceramic Fiber Module, Ceramic Fiber Paper, Ceramic Fiber Textile, Ceramic Fiber Cloth, Ceramic Fiber Tape, Ceramic Fiber Rope, Ceramic Fiber Yarn, Ceramic Fiber Shapes, Bricking Machine and Kiln Relining Refractory. The company refractories line covers various kinds of ceramic fiber insulation(such as blanket, board, paper, modular, textile, etc.), calcium silicate insulation, high silica insulation, rock wool insulation and brick lining machine for rotary kiln industry.\r\n\r\nMatrix Industry Company Limited supply and help to source quality and cost effective refractory and heat insulation materials for a wide range of high temperature industries ferrous and non-ferrous melting furnace, ladle, tundish, glass or ceramic kiln, rotary kiln for lime and cement, industrial boiler, refinery furnace, incinerator, power generating facility, heat transfer pipe line, chimney, etc.

Jays Refractory Specialist specializes in the manufacture of refractory products and materials.

Jays Refractory Specialist    United Kingdom
Jays Refractory Specialist specializes in the manufacture of refractory products and materials. They offer products like basic bricks, calcium silicate slab, castables and precast shapes, cements, ceramic fibre, ceramic tubes, crushed and graded grog, fibrebrick, mouldables mixed, ram mixed, refractory machining service, silica bricks, and silicon carbide.

ANH Refractories Company manufactures and sells fireproof ceramic refractory products over 140 years.

ANH Refractories Company    ,,
ANH Refractories Company specializes in manufacturing and selling fireproof ceramic refractory products. The company includes ap green company, north american refractories company, and harbisonwalker company. They serve cement and lime, energy, chemicals, non ferrous metals, glass, iron and steel, and environmental technology industries.

K And E Chemical Company provides complete line of professional grade stone and brick cleaners for 50 years.

K And E Chemical Company    United States
K And E Chemical Company specializes in providing complete line of professional grade stone and brick cleaners. Their products include stone cleaners, restoration cleaners, strippers, sealers, coating remov3er, safe ech, tile and brick preparer, etc.