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Hasle Industries A/S is a manufacturer and distributor of variety of refractory castables, precast elements, and other unique products since 1843.

Hasle Industries A/S   Roenne  Denmark
Hasle Industries A/S specializes in manufacturing and distributing variety of refractory castables, precast elements, and other unique products. Their products include cyclones, riser ducts, smoke chamber, grate cooler, planetary cooler, burner pipe, calcinator, tumbler lining, gunning mixes, traditional castables, insulating castables, mortars, etc.

Foremost Duct LLC specializes in manufacturing spiral duct, underground duct, PCD

Foremost Duct LLC   Farmington  United States
Foremost Duct LLC manufactures products like spiral duct, oval duct, underground duct, dual wall insulated duct, rectangular duct and duct connection systems. The company also maintains full line of galvanized products.

Cobra Engineering (UK) Limited specializes in high calibre metal fabrication for all types.

Cobra Engineering (UK) Limited    United Kingdom
Cobra Engineering (UK) Limited design and manufacture products and systems for the food handling industry and vegetable sorting and packing. The company design and install major systems. Cobra Engineering (UK) Limited provides Pipe work and ducting in all sections, sizes and material.

Airlanco designs and manufacture air management equipment.

Airlanco    United States
Airlanco specializes in designing and manufacturing air management equipment. Their servicing industries include wood, grain, food, cement, chemicals, mining, milling, baking pharmaceuticals, feed plastics, etc. , their replacement parts include elbow silencers, barrel type silencers, vibration dampeners, gravity vents, shutters, manifold fittings, roof exhausters, ducts and accessories, spiral seam pipe, butterfly valves, saddle tees, etc.

Fabco Plastics Wholesale Ltd manufactures various industrial plastic pipes and fittings.

Fabco Plastics Wholesale Ltd    Canada
Fabco Plastics Wholesale Ltd specializes in manufacturing wide range of industrial plastic pipes and fitting products. Their products include pipe, fittings, valves, pumps, tanks, sheet, tubing, fans, rod, ducting, etc. The company also facilitates online purchasing.

Indoor Environmental Solutions Inc distributes air duct cleaning products for more than 12 years.

Indoor Environmental Solutions Inc    United States
Indoor Environmental Solutions Inc specializes in distributing air duct cleaning products. The company products include portable vacuums, spraying equipment, chemicals, air compressor and accessories, power brush systems, etc.

TITAN Cement Company is the producer of cement since 1902.

TITAN Cement Company   Athens  Greece
TITAN Cement Company specializes in producing cement. Their products include various types of grey cement, white cement, ready-mix concrete, dry-mix mortars, fly-ash, Portland cement, Portland composite cement, blast furnace cement, composite cement, etc. The company is quality certified to ISO 14001 and ISO 1801 standards.

Air Duct Engineering Company manufactures ducting and duct fittings since 1987.

Air Duct Engineering Company    United Kingdom
Air Duct Engineering Company specializes in producing ducting and duct fittings. They also provide refurbishment and upgrade services to existing plant and equipment.

Portland Cement Association provides information on cement and concrete products since 1916.

Portland Cement Association    United States
Portland Cement Association specializes in providing information on cement and concrete products. The company services include market development, engineering, research, educations, and public affair programs.

Alpha Free Flow Industries Limited manufactures and supplies HVAC products since 1974.

Alpha Free Flow Industries Limited    Canada
Alpha Free Flow Industries Limited specializes in manufacturing and supplying HVAC products. Their products include spiral duct, rectangular duct, flat oval spiral duct, flex duct, pvs duct, fittings, ducts accessories and all the related products.