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Eastman Chemical Company produces and supplies more than 400 chemicals, fibers and plastics since 1920.

Eastman Chemical Company   Kingsport  United States
Eastman Chemical Company products include acetate yarn, acids and anhydrides, cellulose esters, copolyesters, miscellaneous chemicals, nitriles, plasticizers, polyethylene, etc.

TimberTech is a manufacturer of decking and railing solutions for more than 55 years.

TimberTech   Wilmington  United States
TimberTech specializes in manufacturing of decking and railing solutions. Their products use a variety of cellulose materials, pure plastic resins, wood fiber, and virgin polyethylene instead of recycled materials. Their products provide consistent in color, shape and size.

Fibro Organic Pvt Ltd specializes in manufacturing textile processing chemical products.

Fibro Organic Pvt Ltd   Mumbai  India
Fibro Organic Pvt Ltd specializes in manufacturing textile processing chemical products. Their products include textile chemicals for pre treatment, textile chemicals for dyeing and printing, textile chemicals for finishing, textile chemicals with outstanding performance, and textile chemicals for garmentor laundry industry, etc.

Altima International Group LLC is a specialty chemical raw material and equipment Market Expansion Services provider importing and exporting from the Caribbean, Central, North and South America. Complementing the business in the Americas, Altima counts wi

Altima International Group LLC   Coral Gables  United States
ltima’s industries served include paint and coatings, building and construction additives, inks, adhesives and sealants, flooring, personal care, food and beverage, cosmetics, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, textile and backing, resin manufacturing, compounds, plastics, mining, environmental remediation, oil and gas, bio-fuels, energy, fuel additives, lubricants, green products, household and institutional care, water treatment, pulp and paper, agriculture, and processing and lab equipment. Altima can provide solutions to most consumer chemical raw material and equipment needs.\r\n\r\nAltima’s Market Expansion Services offer manufacturers a channel to promote their products in emerging markets through highly experienced sales, marketing and technical staff, frequent customer visits and efficient logistics. Altima helps customers by offering solutions to their needs, optimizing formulas improving performance and reducing costs, product development and presenting the latest market trends. Benefiting both customers and suppliers is the ability to serve as a “Supermarket” consolidating a variety of products, no matter volume or source at its facilities by leveraging the combined economy of freight, forwarding and warehousing costs.

International Fiber Corporation is a manufacturer and distributor of cellulose and cellulose based blended ingredients.

International Fiber Corporation    United States
International Fiber Corporation specializes in manufacturing and distributing cellulose and cellulose based blended ingredients. Their products include vegetable fiber derived from bamboo, vegetable fiber derived from cottonseed, pelletized powdered cellulose, pelletized fiber, granulated powdered cellulose, granulated fiber, sisal fiber, custom blending of powdered cellulose with starches, enzymes, vitamins, minerals or other fibers. .

Benolec manufactures cellulosic products. The company was established in 1978.

Benolec    Canada
Benolec specializes in manufacturing cellulosic products from recycled newspaper. The company have products models such as beno therm beno mat, beno vent, beno vert, beno tack, etc. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001.

We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of ion exchange resin for wide range of applications including industrial and wastewater treatment, softening, portable exchange deionization, metals removal, product purification, pollution control, etc.   suzhou  0
Suzhou Bojie Resin Technology Co.,Ltd is a leading manufacturer and supplier of ion exchange resin for wide range of applications including industrial and wastewater treatment, softening, portable exchange deionization, metals removal, product purification, pollution control, etc.\r\n\r\nProducts offered by the company includes water softening resin series, desalination resin series, general mixed bed resin series, EDM mixed bed resin series, nuclear grade mixed bed resin series, acrylic acid resin series, chelating resin series, de(nitrate radical) resin series, decolorizing resin series, indicator resin series, medical extraction resin series, de(boron ion) resin series, de (mercury ion) resin series, stevioside extraction resin series, inert resin series, food grade resin series, catalytic resin series, hydrometallurgy resin series, biodiesel resin series, nuclear grade resin series, resin for gold, resin for uranium, etc.\r\n\r\nCompany’s products are sold in all provinces and regions in electric power plant, electronic industry, chemicals, light industry, metallurgy and environmental use.\r\n \r\nSuzhou Bojie Resin Technology Company’s products finds applications in the sectors like water softening, water purification, production of high purity water, ion-exchange in metal separation, catalysis, juice purification, sugar manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, etc.\r\n

Aico Group specializes in manufacturing selling, and exporting specialty chemical products in India and abroad.

Aico Group    India
Aico Group focus on chemicals like textiles chemicals, paper chemicals, sizing chemicals, antistatic oils and softeners, bleaching auxiliaries, processed foods like jeera rice, basmati rice, aloo muttter, etc. , agro products like bio organic fertilizer, and herbs, pharmaceuticals like glycine technical, sodium starch glycolate, herbal tablets, etc. , and dyes and intermediates like mono chloro acetic acid, resist - salt, meta amino acetanilide, etc. Aico Group products serve leather, paper, cosmetics, oil-fields, sugar, food, dairy, detergents markets, and many more. Aico Group has also got international clients mainly in USA, Middle East and Far East.

Hamilton Manufacturing Inc manufactures cellulose insulation and hydroseeding products. The company was established in 1962.

Hamilton Manufacturing Inc    United States
Hamilton Manufacturing Inc is a manufacturer of cellulose insulation and hydroseeding products. Few of their products aremulch, jet mix, compost, triple tac, pro40dc, dustrol, geobinders, erosion blankets, waddles, and other equipments.

Central Fiber is an environmentally based manufacturer of products made primarily from post consumer newsprint and virgin hardwood chips.

Central Fiber   Wellsville  United States
Central Fiber products include: cellulose insulation, hydro seeding mulch, alternative daily landfill cover, erosion control products and industrial fibers. Central Fiber per year converts more than 25 million pounds of recovered wood and paper into useful products.