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Crafty Cakes specializes in the production of cakes for commercial purpose.

Crafty Cakes   Larne  United Kingdom
Crafty Cakes is a producer of cakes for commercial purpose. They offer home cakes, wedding cakes, and novelty cakes.

Jessicas Farmhouse Cakes specializes in making variety of cakes.

Jessicas Farmhouse Cakes    United Kingdom
Jessicas Farmhouse Cakes is a maker of cake products. Few of their products are sponge cakes, fruit cakes, tray bakes, etc.

Singletons Kitchen manufactures and supplies custom wedding cakes, photo cakes and edible party favors.

Singletons Kitchen    United States
Singletons Kitchen specializes in producing and distributing custom wedding cakes, photo cakes and edible party favors. They provide cakes for all occasions. Singleton also conducts cake making classes.

Let Them Eat Cake manufactures bakery products.

Let Them Eat Cake    United States
Let Them Eat Cake specializes in designing wedding cakes for their customers. Their products include orange county wedding cake, costa mesa wedding cake, orange county custom cake, costa mesa custom cake, orange county bakery, costa mesa bakery, etc.

Mothers Kitchen is a maker of various cheese cakes and sweets since 1971.

Mothers Kitchen    United States
Mothers Kitchen specializes in making and distributing variety of cheese cakes and sweets for restaurants and foodservice industry. Their products include black forest cake, chocolate bombe, midnight ecstasy cake, lemon luscious cake, vanilla crè­¥ cake, carrot cake, etc.

Acadian Bakers Inc provides gourmet bakery products for their customers since 1979.

Acadian Bakers Inc    United States
Acadian Bakers Inc specializes in providing gourmet bakeries. Their products include chocolate brownie mousse, fresh strawberry butter cream, italian cream for wedding cakes, light vanilla cake, louisiana praline liquor, white cake with alternating layers of rich fudge filling, bavarian chocolate cake, fluffy white cake, amaretto almond liquor, luscious white chocolate mousse filling, fresh carrot cake, rich golden cake, etc.

J and S Watkins Homebaked Desserts specializes in making wide range of gourmet sweets for more than 20 years.

J and S Watkins Homebaked Desserts    United States
J and S Watkins Homebaked Desserts is a maker of various gourmet sweets for food industry. The companys products are cheesecakes, black satin layer cake, carrot cake, sponge cake, etc.

Black Hound New York specializes in making chocolate and baking cakes since 1988.

Black Hound New York    United States
Black Hound New York makes chocolate and bakes cakes. Their products include chocolates, cookies, confections, cakes, pastries, savories, jarred fruits, gift baskets, etc.

Mazurs Bakery   Lyndhurst  United States
Mazurs Bakery specializes in manufacturing variety of cakes, pastries, breads and donuts. Their poducts include cookie packages, holiday items, cream bundt cakes, cup cakes, donuts, french cakes, loafs, muffins, pastry, etc.

World of Chantilly Inc manufactures and supplies kosher French desserts.

World of Chantilly Inc    United States
World of Chantilly Inc specializes in manufacturing and supplying kosher French desserts. Few of their products are varieties of cakes and pies, miniature desserts, etc.