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Fiber Instrument Sales Inc. is a manufacturer of fiber optic cables and connectivity equipment, since 1985.

Fiber Instrument Sales Inc.    United States
Fiber Instrument Sales Inc. is a manufacturer and full-line distributor of communication fiber optic test equipment, connectors, cable and cable assemblies, tools and tool kits, fiber optic consumable products, category 5 and 6 active network equipment, and fiber optic security systems and components. The company employs about 160 employees.

Metrotek specializes in supplying fiber optic equipment, supplies and accessories.

Metrotek   St.Petersburg  United States
Metrotek supplies fiber optic equipment, supplies and accessories. Their products include connectors, adaptors, cable and cable assemblies, couplers, attenuators, links, splices, tools, test equipment, etc.

HH Compro manufactures telecommunications structural framing equipments and associated hardware products.

HH Compro    United States
HH Compro specializes in producing telecommunications structural framing equipments and associated hardware products. Their product includes relay racks, cable racks, fuse panels, equipment racks, ground bars and accessories, etc.

Etcon is a manufacturer of electrical and telecomm products for more than 20 years.

Etcon    United States
Etcon specializes in producing electrical and telecomm products. Their product includes electrical testers, specialty electronic meters, phone distribution blocks, direct burial splice kits for UF and USE wire, coaxial cable and BSW six pair phone wire and various other electrical items.

Matcor Inc manufactures cathodic protection systems and products for more than 30 years.

Matcor Inc    United States
Matcor Inc specializes in manufacturing cathodic protection systems and products. Few of their products include anodes, cables, rectifiers, splice kits, test stations, instruments, rectifiers, electronic assemblies, power cables, etc.

Lord Electrical Distributors Ltd is a distributor of variety of explosion proof electrical equipments and control gear products.

Lord Electrical Distributors Ltd    ,,
Lord Electrical Distributors Ltd specializes in distributing variety of explosion proof electrical equipments and control gear products. Their products include instrument housings, junction boxes, motor control and power distribution, pendants custom machining, splicing and termination kits, pothead terminations, insulating compounds, cable supports, cable fittings, etc.

Life Support International specializes in the manufacture of survival and protective clothing for industrial and commercial purpose.

Life Support International   Bristol  United States
Life Support International is a manufacturer of survival and protective clothing for industrial and commercial purpose. They offer products like aerial delivery, first aid kits, life rafts, parachutes, batteries, portable power, compasses, food and rations, knives and tools, lights and strobes, pyrotechnic flares and smoke, radios and beacons, signaling, etc.

Providing installation of Central Office Equipment for the Telecommunication, Cellular nad PCS industries.

R. A. Telcom, Inc.   East Liverpool  United States
Installation:\r\n Cell Site Installation\r\n Central Office Equipment Installation\r\n PCS / Cellular Radio Equipment Installation\r\n Power / Grounding\r\n Transmission Equipment Installation\r\n Switch Installation - Wire Line\r\n Switch Installation - Wireless\r\n Fiber Optic System Installation\r\n DC Power Distribution Systems Installation - additions - support equipment installation\r\n Shelter / Equipment Cabinet Installation\r\n Equipment Up-grades\r\n GPS Installation\r\nPeripheral Installation Material provided through vendors:\r\n Power Cable - THHN, Welding, Stranded Cop/Tin, Bare Solid Copper\r\n Compression Lugs - All sizes - (e.g. Burndy, T&B), C-Taps, H-Taps\r\n Buss Bars - All Sizes\r\n Voice Cable - 3-6-12 Pr. H.F., 16-30 ABAM 22ga., Station Wire - CAT 5, Heliax Coax & Connectors, Jumper Wire, 8 conductor flat cord & connector, 25 pr. Voice cable, AMP Connectors\r\n Wire / Cable Accessories - Cable Ties, Connectors, Shrink Tubing, Identification Products\r\n Auxiliary Framing - Bracing, Mounting Kits, Floor Mounting Hardware \r\n Cable Rack - Splicing Kits, Brackets, Wall Angle, Corner Clamps\r\n Equipment Rack - BAy Bolts, Cabling Section, Rack Adapters, Cable Stand-offs, Equipment Mounting Screws\r\n Grounding / Isolation Kits - Polyester-Fiber, Fiberglass, Installation Stand-offs, Insulated Bushings, Side Bar Insulators, Insulation Sheets, Ground Stap Assembly, Equipment Rack Grounding, Channel Insulators\r\n Stainless Steel - Bolts, Nuts, Lock/Flat Washers, Belleville Comp. Washers, Dragon Tooth Washers \r\n Hardware - Clamps, Cable Brackets, J-Bolts, Mounting Hardware, Threaded Rod, U-Bolts, V-Bolts, Unistrut (sections, nuts, splices), Beam Clamps, Tap-cons, Power Cable Brackets, Wire/Wire Terminal Blocks, Connectorized Terminal Blocks\r\n\r\n

B and M Telecom Inc specializes in providing fiber optic splicing services since 1987.

B and M Telecom Inc    United States
B and M Telecom Inc provides fiber optic splicing services. Their services include local area fiber networks, long haul networks, emergency restoration, test packages, testing documentation packages, etc.

Canare Corp manufactures audio and video cable, patchbays, cable reels, snake systems, assemblies, crimp tools, cable strippers, etc., since 1970.

Canare Corp    United States
Canare Corp specializes in manufacturing connectors, cables, and other accessories. Their products include fiber optic cable, HF optical connectors, splice enclosures, etc.