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Brady Butane Co Inc produces variety of electrical products using propane gas. The company was established in 1957.

Brady Butane Co Inc    United States
Brady Butane Co Inc specializes in manufacturing and distributes wide range of home appliances. Few of their products are water heater, pool Heaters and patio lights, grill dryers, etc. Their services include cylinder refilling, recertification and valve replacement, new installation of tanks and gas lines, service and repair on existing systems and tanks.

Culatti AG is a manufacturer of resistors, micro hammer mill, and other engineering products.

Culatti AG    Switzerland
Culatti AG specializes in manufacturing resistors, micro hammer mill, and other engineering products. Their products include slide resistors, intermediate resistors, shunt, rotary resistors, motor driven resistors, accessories, etc.

Calor Gas specializes in importation, marketing, and distribution of Liquefied Petroleum Gas in both bulk and cylinder applications for over 70 years.

Calor Gas    United Kingdom
Calor Gas specializes in importation, marketing and distribution of Liquefied Petroleum Gas in both bulk and cylinder applications. Calor also supply automotive gas for vehicle fuel and forklift truck applications. Their Commercial applications include catering, water heating, space heating, laundry, grain drying, poultry and pig rearing, mushroom growing, industrial processes such as brick and glass making, textile manufacturing and aluminium smelting, etc.

Exploration Technologies Inc provides geochemical services and surveys on land and marine since 1984.

Exploration Technologies Inc    United States
Exploration Technologies Inc is a service provider, which offers land and marine explorations and performs geochemical services and surveys. Their services includes oil gas probe sampling, light hydrocarbon analysis, fixed gas analysis, bottom water sampling, headspace gas analysis, sediment extract analysis, etc.

Mr.Heater manufactures portable heaters and accessories for more than 40 years.

Mr.Heater    United States
Mr.Heater specializes in producing portable heaters and accessories. Their product includes safe propane heaters, vent free heaters, garage/shop heaters, propane torches, etc.

Membrane Technology and Research Inc manufactures and supplies membranes and membrane modules since 1982.

Membrane Technology and Research Inc   Menlo Park  United States
Membrane Technology and Research Inc specializes in manufacturing and supplying membranes and membrane modules. The company products include petrochemical, natural gas, refinery, pervaporation, etc.

Ely Energy Inc.    United States
Ely Energy Inc. is a manufacturer of both standard BOM products as well as custom process skids and modules for niche markets in the energy field.

Antex manufactures and distributes various soldering products

Antex   Tavistock  United Kingdom
Antex specializes in manufacturing and supplying of soldering products. Their products include soldering iron, soldering kit, soldering station, professional plumbing tool, etc. The company also sells through online.

Gas Sales Service supplies bottled gas and garden machineries.

Gas Sales Service   Colchester  United Kingdom
Gas Sales Service specializes in supplying bottled gas and garden machineries and heating equipments. Their products include mobile heaters, blowers, patio heaters, BBQ equipment, griddles, ride on mowers, small mowers, hedge cutters, etc.

Howard Electronic Instruments Inc distributes electronic instruments and equipments for more than 60 years.

Howard Electronic Instruments Inc   El Dorado  United States
Howard Electronic Instruments Inc specializes in supplying electronic instruments and equipments. Their product includes lead free soldering station, dual digital soldering station, automatic solder feeder, battery operated soldering iron, etc.