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We specialize in manufacturing Carbide Burs, Miniature Burs And Long Carbide Burs.   Nanchang  0
Nanchang Sharp Tools Co. Ltd, specialized in manufacturing Carbide Burs, Miniature Burs And Long Carbide Burs. Manufacturing carbide burs from CNC machines. Burrs are packed in attractive plastic tubes and it can be supplied both in Metric and Imperial size.\r\n\r\nThe company Product Carbide Burr Shapes include Carbide Burrs-Cylinder With End Cut, Ball Nosed Cylinder Carbide Burrs, Carbide Burrs-Oval Carbide Burrs, Ball Nosed Tree Carbide Burrs, Pointed Tree Carbide Burrs and Radius Core Carbide Burrs. Cut Type of Carbide Burr includes Carbide Rotary Burrs-Single Cut, Carbide Rotary Burrs-Fine Cut, Carbide Rotary Burrs-Double Cut, Carbide Rotary Burrs-Coarse Cut, Carbide Rotary Burrs-Aluminum Cut and Carbide Rotary Burrs-Diamond Cut. Nanchang Sharp Tools Co. Ltd can supply long shank carbide burrs in 100mm, 200mm & 250mm lengths. And can supply miniature burrs in 3mm shank and standard in 6mm shank(1/4″ shank). 8mm shanks also available against specific requirements. \r\n\r\nNanchang Sharp Tools Co. Ltd producing square end mills, ball nose end mills, corner radius end mills for cutting different workpiece, choose the proper quality you need. The most common types of burs are single cut burs, which remove the most amount of material. using single cut to leave a rather rough finish, and they are commonly used to work with cast iron, steel, copper, brass, and other ferrous materials.

Burr King specializes in manufacturing and supplying finishing products since 1951.

Burr King    United States
Burr King manufactures and supplies finishing products. Their products include abrasives, belt and disc grinders, polishers and vibratory media, abrasive belts and discs, soap and anti-rust, media-parts separating screens, etc.

E Z Burr Tool Company specializes in manufacturing line of hole deburring, chamfering and drilling tools, high speed steel, carbide, and custom tools since 1960.

E Z Burr Tool Company   Plymouth  United States
E Z Burr Tool Company specializes in manufacturing line of hole deburring, chamfering and drilling tools, high speed steel, carbide, and custom tools since 1960. Their other products include micro series, hss deburring, carbide deburring, chamfer tool, burrfree drill, e z burr customs, the e z burr kit, etc.

Ditec Manufacturing Company is a contract manufacturer of precision diamond burs.

Ditec Manufacturing Company    United States
Ditec Manufacturing Company specializes in manufacturing close tolerance surgical cutting instruments such as diamond bonded rotary cutting burrs, saws, discs and abraders for contract basis.

Hydra-Stop   Burr Ridge  United States

Marshalls Hard Metals Ltd. is a manufacturer of tungsten carbide manufacturer for over 60 years.

Marshalls Hard Metals Ltd.   Sheffield  United Kingdom
Marshalls Hard Metals Ltd. has been approved by ISO 9002. Marshalls Hard Metals Ltd. products include rock drilling, oilfield drilling, brick tile, burr blanks, wear parts, knife blade, engineering products, etc.

Garr Tool manufactures solid carbide cutting tools.

Garr Tool   Alma  United States
Garr Tool specializes in manufacturing variety of solid carbide cutting tools.

Bovie Aaron Medical    United States
Bovie Aaron Medical specializes in manufacturing variety of electrosurgery equipments and other medical devices. The company products are neuro pulse nerve locators, cauteries, medical lights, flexible stylets, burrs and handles, nail drill bit, etc.

ANCA Pty Ltd manufactures CNC grinding machines, tool and cutter grinders and software development.

ANCA Pty Ltd    Australia
ANCA Pty Ltd specializes in manufacturing CNC tool and cutter grinders, 3 axis punch grinder, software solutions, etc.

New Unison Corporation specializes in designing and manufacturing precision grinding equipments, since 1959.

New Unison Corporation    United States
New Unison Corporation designs and manufactures precision grinding equipments. Their products include punch grinder, truflute with dual spindle, burr grinder, centerless grinder, roughing grinder, etc.