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Cole Enterprises designs, manufactures and distributes aquariums products since 1974.

Cole Enterprises    United States
Cole Enterprises specializes in designing, manufacturing and distributing aquariums products. Their products include fish tanks, aquariums, bubble walls, water walls, fountains, water falls, aquarium spheres, aquarium columns, custom aquariums, bubbling fountains, bubbling palm trees, etc.

We are manufacturer of flanges, fasteners, and bubble cap distillation column in India. We are one among the pioneers in online services in the steel industries.   Mumbai  0
Ambani Metals is a manufacturer of flanges, fasteners, and bubble cap distillation column in India. Company is one among the pioneers in online services in the steel industries, providing international marketing, outsourced manufacturing, back office, contact center and order management services.\r\n\r\nMain product category of the company includes stainless steel, alloy steel, mild steel, carbon steel, non ferrous products, fasteners, bubble caps, valves, thermo well, distillation trays, etc.\r\n\r\nProducts offered by the company includes such as coil, sheet, plate and strips, pipes and tubes, flanges, forged fittings (S/W & SCRD) and Buttweld (B/W) fittings, bolt, nut, fine fasteners and spares, foundation fasteners, washers, socket screws, and other fasteners.\r\n\r\nCompany serves industries such as petroleum refineries, electric power plants, food processing plants, nuclear industries, pharmaceutical plants, ship building, offshore industry, beverage, oil and gas, sewage treatment, paper mills, textile industry, machinery fabrication, chemical industry, dairy plant, etc.\r\n\r\nAmbani Metals Company has been quality certified to ISO 9001:2008 standards.

Bargains Galore specializes in selling shipping supply needs.

Bargains Galore   Port Richey  United States
Bargains Galore sells shipping supply needs. They offer on line ordering, dedicated to serving customer. They provide information on bubble mailers, bubble wrap, bubble wrapping, and packing peanuts.

Colonial Columns Inc. supplies columns to building community. They perform nationally since 1963. They also provide historical duplications.

Colonial Columns Inc.   Houston  United States
Colonial Columns Inc. manufactures columns such as stock wood, custom wood, fiberglass, quick post, balustrade, quick Rail. Aluminum and fiberglass columns are also available. Their wooden columns, capitals, and bases are constructed of Western Red Cedar square scamozzi capital, fiber reinforce plaster, house columns, building columns, columns square, interior decorative columns, exterior columns. They coat the interior of the column with a bituminous coating that deters rotting and insects.

Bubblefurniture specializes in manufacturing variety of furnitures and accessories.

Bubblefurniture    United States
Bubblefurniture manufactures variety of furnitures and accessories which includes inflatable chairs, sofas and beds plus fun inflatable accessories like flowers, pillows, picture frames, flocked, foot stools, kids chairs, chairs, sofas, inflation pumps, air pumps, bubble watches, bubble tulips, bubble pillows, bubble backpacks, bubble clocks, bubble sports bags, and all accessories.

Florida Columns specializes in manufacturing source products for stock columns, column covers, cornice and domes.

Florida Columns    United States
Florida Columns also manufactures columns covers, balustrades, patterns, tooling, steel fabrications, and other building and construction material.

Bruce and Clark specializes in supplying bubble tea products.

Bruce and Clark    United States
Bruce and Clark suppliest bubble tea products. Their products include all in one bubble tea, primo cocoa series, hot coffee series, tapioca pearls, choobee, cream flavored powders, sour flavored powders, tea cups and lids, fat straws, equipment, etc.

ES Industries manufactures HPLC column for more than 30 years.

ES Industries   West Berlin  United States
ES Industries specializes in manufacturing HPLC columns. Their products include LC MS columns, super critical fluid columns, reverse phase columns, ionic exchange, etc.

Column Engineering manufactures and supplies columns and accessories for HPLC since 1981.

Column Engineering    United States
Column Engineering specializes in manufacturing and supplying columns and accessories for HPLC since 1981. The company products include hypersil, kromasil, monitors, inertsil, hplc packings, hplc packing materials, liquid chromatography,

Cobert Associates distributes chromatography supplies and life science products for more than 30 years.

Cobert Associates   St.Louis  United States
Cobert Associates specializes in supplying chromatography supplies and life science products. The product includes gas column capillary columns, TLC plates and accessories, reagents and standards, syringes, diluters and dispensers, extraction products, multiwell products, pipettes, custom glove box sleeves, etc.