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Keystone manufactures sweeping brooms and brushes for more than 50 years.

Keystone   South Plainfield  United States
Keystone specializes in producing street sweeping brooms and brushes. Their product includes strip brooms, tube brooms, gutter brooms, wafers, etc.

M-B Companies Inc is a manufacturer of power brooms, broom attachments, broom segments, pavement marking equipment and components since 1907.

M-B Companies Inc    United States
M-B Companies Inc specializes in manufacturing power brooms, broom attachments, broom segments, pavement marking equipment and components. Their products include runway brooms, pavement marking equipments, wood chippers, attachments and walk behind brooms, etc.

Lincoln Industries specializes in supplying industrial brushware to contractors for more than 30 years.

Lincoln Industries   Brisbane  Australia
Lincoln Industries supplies industrial brushware to contractors for more than 30 years. Their products include replacement brooms for bobcats and tractors, road broom sections, skid steer sweepers drag brooms spiral road sweepers gutter brooms factory sweeper brushes paint brushes hand brooms including scavange, timber backyard, hygiene scavenger, janitorial and straw toilet brushes, cotton mops, squeegees, heavy duty boot cleaners, strip brushes.

Kiefer Brushes Inc specializes in the manufacturer of brushes, brooms and applicators for use extensively in institutions, industry and households since 1937.

Kiefer Brushes Inc    United States
Kiefer Brushes Inc in the manufacturer of brushes, brooms and applicators for use extensively in institutions, industry and households. Their include paint, toilet brushes, and push floor brooms.

Brushware (UK) Ltd specializes in manufacturing, importing and exporting brushware and allied trade products.

Brushware (UK) Ltd    
Brushware (UK) Ltd manufactures, imports and exports Brushware and allied trade products like greenwood range, indoor and outdoor brooms, yard and scavenger brooms, platform brooms, squeegees and tarmac lute, wooden broom handles, support stays, clamps, holders and plastic, sockets, household cleaning, outdoor industrial cleaning, painting and decorating, etc. is online resource providing information on revolutionary invention such as broomdozer, portable ballet bar, etc.    ,, is online resource specializes in providing information on jean ballet school, ballet tutu, KOA dance federation, soun math, roofing, lassis, etc.

The Hill Brush Company Ltd is a manufacturer of brushes and brooms for household and industrial purposes since 1922.

The Hill Brush Company Ltd    United Kingdom
The Hill Brush Company Ltd specializes in manufacturing brushes and brooms for household and industrial purposes. Their products include paint brushes, pencil brushes, handles, artists brushes, floor care brushes, general purpose brushes, household brushes, industrial brushes, platform brooms, scoops, scrapers, forks, etc.

Liberty Brush Manufacturing manufactures and supplies sweeper and scrubber brushes.

Liberty Brush Manufacturing   Shakopee  United States
Liberty Brush Manufacturing specializes in manufacturing and supplying sweeper and scrubber brushes. Their products include tennant sweepers and scrubbers, power boss sweepers and scrubbers, Alto Clarke American Lincoln sweepers and scrubbers, advance sweepers and scrubbers, push brooms, squeegees and blowers, street sweeper brushes.

Liem Corporation, is a corn broom manufacturer and supplier to manufacturers, importers, exporters, wholesalers and distributors in America, Canada, Central America and Puerto Rico. Liem Corporation, established 1947, supplies superior quality corn broom

Liem Corporation   Jackson Heights  United States
HISTORY:\r\nLiem Corporation - USA, was founded by Deddy Halim (LIEM LIE HAUW) in 2004, which is part of LIEM GROUP - a third generation family business. LIEM GROUP was founded by Liem Bok Swie, Deddy Halim’s grandfather, who resides in Indonesia, Singapore and China. Our parent company was established since 1947 and manufacture brooms and other wood products and plantation farmlands. \r\n\r\nLIEM GROUPS production of brooms started as the demands for corn broom in Japan, increased. Some friends of Liem Bok Swie, who are traders of corn broom products, recommended that he seize this opportunity. These friends gave him some seeds from Japan and advised him to plant these seeds in the warm and humid weather of Indonesia, where the soil would produce great product. Liem Bok Swies friends have become our main consumers. Since then we have continuously exported brooms to Japan which strengthened our business relationship. Liem Bok Swie, as founder of LIEM GROUP, has been recognized as the creator of Indonesia’s first corn broom. Our company is the largest corn broom manufacturer in the Indonesia and Asian-Pacific area.\r\n\r\nOur company has gained the trust and confidence of consumers in different countries of the world for our finished products, corn broom products and the supply of corn broom raw materials. Corn broom is grown and harvested from our many farmlands. Our fields always have a surplus of the raw materials to provide corn broom for manufacturing. Corn broom raw materials have been routinely exported to manufacturers in Mexico, Canada, America and China. LIEM GROUP has created more than 250 designs of finished corn brooms for export. Our integrated broom manufacturing system from farmland to finished product enables us to utilize this advantage of maintaining quality products, and providing dependable service and delivery.\r\n\r\nLocally, in Indonesia, LIEM GROUP has gained many awards. The UPAKARTI AWARD was presented by the President of Indonesia for our company’s accomplishments as the creator of Indonesia’s first corn broom and for providing long-term jobs for the whole community of Dampiak-Tegal-INDONESIA. These jobs provide for needs of entire families.\r\n\r\nQuality products, service and delivery have been and will continue to be the focus of LIEM GROUP. Although our main product focus is on our corn broom manufacturing,other areas of LIEM GROUP are developing wood working, furniture, the manufacture of plastic and steel products.\r\n\r\nLiem Corporation is our office in USA. We are here to provide the same products and services that have been the trademark of LIEM GROUP for three generations.\r\n\r\nABOUT US: \r\nLiem Corporation, is a corn broom manufacturer of raw materials and finished products for manufacturers, importers, exporters, wholesalers and distributors in America, Canada, Central America and Puerto Rico. The supply of high-quality corn broom products are at very competitive prices - the same quality products that we have been manufacturing since 1947. \r\n\r\nLiem Corporation carries finished products of corn brooms and can also customize different styles and designs according to consumer needs and requests. Consumers will be able to get corn broom raw materials all year round, as well as corn broom handles / wooden dowels in various sizes. \r\n\r\nOur integrated broom manufacturing system provides services from farmland to finished products. We are able to utilize this advantage to maintain quality products, to provide dependable service and delivery. We are here in the USA to meet your needs!

United Rotary Brush manufactures rotary brooms and engineered brush products.

United Rotary Brush    United States
United Rotary Brush specialixes in designing and manufacturing rotary brooms and engineered brush products. Their products include united rotary brush, engineered brush rolls, trommel screen brushes, etc. , for the airport runway sweeping, municipal street sweeping, paving and road construction. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001:2000.