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McMurray Metals Co distributes brass, copper and bronze materials since 1941.

McMurray Metals Co   Dallas  United States
McMurray Metals Co specializes in distributing brass, copper and bronze materials for manufacturers, builders and refinishers since 1941.

Mac Metals Inc specializes in manufacturing custom designed brass, bronze, and nickel silver extrusions.

Mac Metals Inc   Kearny  United States
Mac Metals Inc manufactures custom designed brass, bronze, and nickel silver extrusions. Their products include channels, rod, bar, handrails, alloys, elevator sills, etc.

Beckett Bronze Co Inc manufactures bronze bushings, bronze bearings, etc., since 1913.

Beckett Bronze Co Inc    United States
Beckett Bronze Co Inc specializes in manufacturing bronze bushings, bronze bearings and bronze continuous cast bars. The company also supplies equipments to hydraulic, pump, diesel engine and compressor industries. Beckett Bronze Co Inc is quality certified to ISO 9000:2001.

Intermet Metals distributes specialty brass and bronze alloys. The company was established in 1985.

Intermet Metals    United States
Intermet Metals specializes in distributing specialty brass and bronze alloys. Their products include nickel silver, free machining copper alloys, manganese bronze, naval brass, aluminum bronze, etc. , for serving the international aircraft, military, automotive, petroleum, bearing and forging industries.

We specialize in manufacturer of exports bars, fittings, flanges and branch connections in carbon steels, duplex, and super duplex, Ci-ni, monel and inconel.   Mumbai  0
Aashish Steel manufactures & exports bars, fittings, Flanges & Branch connections in carbon steel, duplex and super Duplex, Cu-ni, Monel and inconel. Aashish Steel manufactures its products in different sizes, range, type and schedule-class. Aashish Steel regularly supplies its material to core industries such as refineries, chemical & petrochemical, oil & Gas, Water treatment plant, power plants, off-shore, ship building, EPC & other Engineering company. The products are Stainless Steel Round Bars, Carbon Steel Round Bars, Alloy Steel Round Bars, Copper Nickel Round Bars, Monel Round Bars, Duplex Round Bars, Super Duplex Round Bars, Hastelloy Round Bars, Nickel Alloys Round Bars, 904L Round Bar & Rods, Inconel Round Bars, Alloy 20 Round Bars, 254 SMO Round Bars & Rods, AISI 4130, 4140, 4340, 1045, 8620 Steel round Bars and Titanium Round Bar.\r\n\r\nThe Industrial Bars are Hot rolled bars, Cold rolled bar, Bright Bar, Round Bar, Square Bar, Hex Bar, Flat Bar, Black Bar, Forged Bar, Rectangle Bar, Threaded Bar, Triangle Steel Bar, Precision Bar, Rod, Hollow Bar, Phosphor Bronze Round Bar, Phosphor Bronze Hollow Bar, Aluminium Bronze Round Bar, Aluminium Bronze Hollow Bar, Lead tin Bronze Round Bar, Lead tin Bronze Hollow Bar, Gun metal round Bar, Gun metal hollow Bar, Stainless steel Hollow Bar, 17-4 ph hollow Bar, Monel hollow Bar, Tiger bronze Round Bar, and Tiger bronze Hollow Bar.\r\n\r\nThe other Products are Aluminium Bronze Ab1 Hollow Bar, ALUMINIUM BRONZE AB1 ROUND BAR, Aluminium Bronze Ab2 Hollow Bar, Aluminium Bronze Ab2 Round Bar, Aluminium Bronze C63200 Hollow Bar, Aluminium Bronze C63200 Round Bar, Aluminium Bronze Plate C63200, Leaded Tin Bronze 85-5-5-5 Round Bar, Leaded Tin Bronze C93200 Hollow Bar, Leaded Tin Bronze C93200 Plate, Leaded Tin Bronze C93200 Round Bar, Monel 400 Hollow Bar, Phosphor Bronze Pb1 Hollow Bar, Phosphor Bronze Pb1 Round Bar, Phosphor Bronze Plate, Phosphor Bronze, Stainless Steel 304l Hexagonal Bar, 316l Hexagonal Hollow Bar, and 17-4 Ph Round Bar.

Bunting Bearings Corp manufactures bronze, plastic, powdered metal, aluminum bearings and solid bars for the industry since 1855.

Bunting Bearings Corp    United States
Bunting Bearings Corp specializes in manufacturing bronze, plastic, powdered metal, aluminum bearings and solid bars for the industry. Their products include bearings sleeve, flange, thrust, lubricant bearings, powdered metal iron copper bars, powdered metal bronze plate, powdered metal bronze bars, continuous cast aluminum bronze bars, centrifugal cast bronze bars, etc., The company is qualtiy certified to ISO 9001:2000.

Anchor Bronze and Metals Inc produces awide range of bearing bronze items, continuous cast copper alloys, finished machine parts, etc.

Anchor Bronze and Metals Inc    ,,
Anchor Bronze and Metals Inc specializes in continuous cast copper alloys, centrifugal castings, wrought copper alloys, continuous cast iron, bronze bearings, wear plate and finished machine parts for power transmission, fluid transport, aerospace, drilling, resistance welding and shipbuilding industries. Their services include cutting, gear blank machining, grinding, milling, bushing oil grooves, graphite groove bushings, graphite plug bushings, etc.

Concast Metal Products Co is a manufacturer of copper alloys in bar and tube form since 1989.

Concast Metal Products Co    United States
Concast Metal Products Co specializes in manufacturing copper alloys. They offer products such as leaded bronze, aluminum bronze, manganese bronze, and leaded red brass, leaded tin bronze, manganese bronze, aluminum bronze, etc.

American Iron And Alloys Corporation manufactures and distributes iron bar like solid round bars, hollow bars, etc.

American Iron And Alloys Corporation    United States
American Iron And Alloys Corporation specializes in manufacturing and distributing iron bar like solid round bars, hollow bars, etc. Versa Select is a new division of American Iron And Alloys Corp. Their products include aluminum bar, bronze bar, chrome shafting bar, steel bar, hydraulic cylinder tie rod stock, etc. , the company is quality certified to ISO 9002.

Architectural Grille manufactures variety of bar grilles and perforated grilles since 1950.

Architectural Grille   Brooklyn  United States
Architectural Grille is a division of Giumenta Corporation, which specializes in producing six types of bar grilles and twenty five styles of perforated grilles using different metals, which includes aluminum, brass, bronze, steel and stainless steel.