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Baron Barclay Bridge Supplies specializes in retailing books and game of bridge.

Baron Barclay Bridge Supplies   Louisville  United States
Baron Barclay Bridge Supplies distribute books and game of bridge. They also have videos, computer programs, electronic bridge games, a wide selection of the world playing cards, and numerous gift items. Their products include address book, audrey grants better bridge magazine, bidding boxes, bidding mats, bidding wheel, coffee mugs, computer software, duplicate boards, cards, etc.

Green Bridge Station is an information technology provider for programming, beer, and travel needs, since 1995.

Green Bridge Station    ,,
Green Bridge Station develops shopping cart software, inventory tracking software, websites, graphics, logos, and many other custom software projects.

Green Bridge Station Technologies develops and provides software, websites, networking solutions, and support services since 1996.

Green Bridge Station Technologies    United States
Green Bridge Station Technologies specializes in developing and offering software, websites, networking solutions, and support services. Their service includes website design, genesis software, e commerce, credit card processing, custom programming, hosting, email, and consulting services.

Bridge Co produces variety of silicon and software technologies since 2000.

Bridge Co    Switzerland
Bridge Co specializes in manufacturing silicon and software technologies which specializes in connecting consumer electronics to home networks and the internet. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001.

GTX Corporation develops raster editing and conversion software to bridge paper to CAD.

GTX Corporation    United States
GTX Corporation specializes in developing raster editing and conversion software to bridge paper to CAD. Their product includes raster cleanup and enhancement, hybrid editing and conversion, batch conversion, etc.

DoubleBridge Technologies Inc is an IT solution and service provider providing customized IT products and services since 1997.

DoubleBridge Technologies Inc    United States
DoubleBridge Technologies Inc is a IT solution and service provider providing customized IT products and services. DoubleBridge offers a wide range of the services and solutions suite for investment and internet banking, assets management and investor servicing. They provide custom application software development, maintenance and support services through the three different delivery models which includes onsite, offshore, and onsite and offshore combination.

Able Software Ltd produces software for various business sectors.

Able Software Ltd    New Zealand
Able Software Ltd manufactures variety of software for business applicaions. The company products are POS, service schedules, and dealablepro for the autodealer 3 bridge dealer.

Microstran develops software products for structural engineers.

Microstran    United Kingdom
Microstran specializes in developing software products for structural engineers. Their software product includes OpenGl + VRML, gap and fuse, section library manager, restraint visualization, etc. These software products provide structural analysis of bridges, transmission towers, buildings, industrial structures, etc.

Bridgeline Software Inc is a manufacturer of web software tools.

Bridgeline Software Inc    United States
Bridgeline Software Inc specializes in manufacturing wide range of web software tools such as enterprise level web content management system and an on-demand web based platform that provides expandable modules such as relationship management, esurvery, enewsletter, content management, e commerce, event registration and integrated grants management.

Bocad Software GmbH is a service provider, which offers bocad software for various applications.

Bocad Software GmbH    Germany
Bocad Software GmbH specializes in providing bocad software for various applications. They provide solutions for sheet metal work, log cabins, bridges, roof and wall, greenhouses, latticed towers, glass facades, hall, industrial plant, pyramids, stairs, etc.