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Pain D`Avignon is a manufacturer and distributor of variety of breads since 1992.

Pain D`Avignon    ,,
Pain D`Avignon specializes in manufacturing and distributing variety of breads. Their products include bagels, display bread, pies, crackers, cheese bread, ciabatta bread, focaccia bread, olive bread, brioche bread, chocolate hazelnut bread, etc.

Bountiful Bread produces wide range of fresh bread.

Bountiful Bread    ,,
Bountiful Bread specializes in maufacturing bread. Few of their products are fresh bread, sandwiches, soup, lunch, muffins, brownies, etc.

Father Sam`s Pocket Bread produces various breads and products since 1972.

Father Sam`s Pocket Bread    ,,
Father Sam`s Pocket Bread specializes in producing sandwich, pocket bread, etc., for retail and foodservice industry.

Panera Bread manufactures variety of breads since 1981.

Panera Bread    United States
Panera Bread specializes in manufacturing variety of breads. They provide varieties of bread, soups, cafes, etc. They also provide information on recipes.

Holsum Bakery Inc specializes in supplying healthy breads, buns and rolls since 1881.

Holsum Bakery Inc    United States
Holsum Bakery Inc supplies healthy breads, buns and rolls. Their products include consumer breads, holsum bread and buns, roman meal sandwich bread bars, aunt hattie`s breads, commercial breads, etc.

French Meadow Bakery makes natural and nutritious breads since 1985.

French Meadow Bakery    United States
French Meadow Bakery specializes in making natural and nutritious breads. The company product includes hemp sprouted bread, brown rice bread, peasant rolls, sprouted whole wheat bread, sunflower and flax bread, etc.

Marie Nature International Inc is a manufacturer of nutritious products since 1997.

Marie Nature International Inc    Canada
Marie Nature International Inc specializes in manufacturing nutritious products. Their products include Viennese bread, Viennese bread and linseed, Viennese bread raisin and cinnamon, Viennese bread raisin and cinnamon, French bread halla with eggs, Viennese bread with cheese, multigrains bread, etc.

Aladdin Bakers Inc bakes and supplies breads for more than 30 years.

Aladdin Bakers Inc    United States
Aladdin Bakers Inc specializes in baking and supplying breads. Their products include wraps, pita pocket bread, panini bread, bagels, low carb products, breadsticks, gyro flat bread, etc.

Manoucher Food and Co supplies different varieties of handmade breads since 1983.

Manoucher Food and Co    Canada
Manoucher Food and Co specializes in distributing different varieties of handmade breads. Their product includes bread with olive oil and tarragon, bread made with extra virgin olive oil, onions, rosemary and pepper, bread with sprinkled toasted sesame seeds, flour dusted loaf, etc.

Charis LLC manufactures communion bread used in the worship of Lord Jesus Christ.

Charis LLC    United States
Charis LLC specializes in manufacturing communion bread used in the worship of Lord Jesus Christ. The product includes different size of unleavened breads made of white flour or whole wheat.