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Cobra Braiding Machines manufactures and supplies braiding machines and braiding equipment since 1981.

Cobra Braiding Machines    United Kingdom
Cobra Braiding Machines specializes in manufacturing and supplying braiding machines and braiding equipment since 1981. The company products include textile braiding, wire braiding, hose braiding, harness braiding, etc.

Heartland Braided Rugs specializes in selling true flat braided rugs.

Heartland Braided Rugs    ,,
Heartland Braided Rugs products include Carolina braided rug, colonial braided rug, custom braid color, chair pads, stair treads, bench pads, etc.

Braided Products Co manufactures custom round and flat braid since 1933.

Braided Products Co    United States
Braided Products Co specializes in manufacturing round and flat braid in a wide array of materials, colors and sizes.

Atlantic Braids Ltd manufactures braided rope and cordage products.

Atlantic Braids Ltd   Chute A Blondeau  Canada
Atlantic Braids Ltd specializes in manufacturing braided rope and cordage products for marine, sailing, fishing, farming, forestry, manufacturing and utility industries. Their products inlcude 12 strand dyneema, braided nylon twine, double braid nylon, double braid polyester, shock cord, general purpose nylon sash, etc.

All Line Inc specializes in manufacturing braided cords and rope products since 1978.

All Line Inc    United States
All Line Inc specializes in manufacturing braided cords and rope products since 1978. Their products include twisted rope, solid braid diamond braid, double braid, shock cord, tech braid, hollow braid, galvanized wire center, aircraft cable, etc.

Geesons International since 1966 supplies invented interlock braiding machine, wire braiding machine, horizontal braiding machine, conventional braiding machine, etc.

Geesons International   Ahmedabad  India
Geesons International is a supplier and exporter of packing braiders, square rope braider, high speed braider, rope braider, cord braider, elastric braider, braiding machine, fast knitting braiding, invented interlock braiding, hose pipe braiding, cable braiding, high speed needle looms, warping machine, measuring and winding, rubber covering machine, twisting machines, bobbin winding machine, shoe lace and tapping machine, horizontal braiding machine, conventional braiding machine, jute braiding machine and many more from India.

Bhupendra and Brothers Pvt Ltd specializes in manufacturing and designing braiding machines, since 1951.

Bhupendra and Brothers Pvt Ltd   Ahmedabad  India
Bhupendra and Brothers Pvt Ltd manufactures and designs braiding machines like wire braiding machines, packing braiding machines, regular and knit braiding machine and solid cord and rope braiding machines. The company offer products like wire braiders, packing braiders, regular braiders, knit braiders, etc.

Geeroms Amant BVBA specializes in braiding work for more than 65 years.

Geeroms Amant BVBA   Aalst  Belgium
Geeroms Amant BVBA specializes in developing braiding work to produces braids and ribbons.

All American Braids has been manufacturing all types of cord, twine and rope for over 15 years.

All American Braids    United States
All American Braids custom design and manufacture double braided rope, braided rope, braided polyester rope, polypropylene rope, nylon rope, kevlar rope for any commercial or industrial application as well as specialty applications such as sailboat rigging, marine rope, ski ropes, climbing rope, arborist rope. All American Braids other capabilities includes dyeing, cutting-to-length, assemblies, and special packaging.

EasyBraid Co. is a manufacturer of desolder wick continuing advancement in desoldering technology since 1989.

EasyBraid Co.    United States
EasyBraid Co. products include desoldering braid, inspection systems, stencil rolls, wipes, chemicals, solder soakers and swabs. The company`s wick products are made using ultra fine, oxide free copper braided into a weave configuration which maximizes thermal conduction and solder retention.