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Berkeley Advanced Biomaterials Inc specializes in producing hydroxyapatite and calcium-based materials since 1996.

Berkeley Advanced Biomaterials Inc   Berkeley  United States
Berkeley Advanced Biomaterials Inc produces hydroxyapatite and calcium-based materials. Their products include nanocrystals, powder, granules, and blocks.

Charter Medical Ltd. a Lydall Company is a manufacturer of transfusion devices and bio processing containers. Charter Medical Ltd. headquarters and manufacturing plant are located in Winston Salem, North Carolina.

Charter Medical Ltd.    United States
Charter Medical Ltd. a Lydall Company is focused on providing products to facilitate the collection, separation, manipulation, transportation, storage and administration of blood and blood components in the transfusion and cell therapy division and vital fluids in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries.

Collectors Den supplies crystal and engraved glass products, African handicrafts, soapstone collection items, etc.

Collectors Den   Nairobi  Kenya
Collectors Den specializes in supplying crystal and engraved glass products and exclusive African handicrafts made from wood which include carved animals, salad set items, ebony crafts, beaded items, soapstone collection items made from bone. Their products include whisky glasses, water glasses, blue jug, wine glasses, crystal vase, beer mug, crystal decanter, bowl with pedestal, candle holders, champagne glasses, shot glasses, tall glasses, sherry glasses, etc.

We specialize in the manufacture and production of edible gelatin and industrial gelatin since 2009.   Luohe  0
Luohe Yijia Trade Co., Ltd produces and manufactures edible gelatin and industrial gelatin. The main product lines of the company include natural gelatin, unflavored edible gelatin, edible gelatin, quality edible grade gelatin, and halal edible gelatin.\r\n\r\nSome of the products include gelatin, industrial gelatin, emery paper glue, technical gelatin, edible gelatin, food grade gelatin, industrial gelatin, natural animal glue, industrial grade gelatin, and many more. The edible halal gelatin is used in preparing foods & meat, ice cream, red wine, candies, dairies, for flower pies, and others.

Georgia Pacific specializes in the manufacture of tissue, building products and related chemicals.

Georgia Pacific    United States
Georgia Pacific is a manufacturer of tissue, building products and related chemicals. They offer products like away from home products, bleached board, bleached kraft, cellulose, pulp, chemicals, dixie, paper, etc.

Cascades manufacture, transform and markets packaging and tissue products since 1964.

Cascades    Canada
Cascades specialize in manufacturing, packaging and marketing tissue products. Their products include boxboard, container board, moulded pulp, plastics, etc.

Equine Gold offers a complete line of horse nutrition vitamins and supplements.

Equine Gold    United States
Equine Gold provides vitamins and supplements. The company`s products also ease conditions ranging from allergies and anxiety to soreness or digestive distress. The company offers formulations that boost the immune system, restore electrolytes after dehydration, help clear respiratory ailments, and build sturdy bones and tissues.

Synthes Inc produces implants and biomaterials for surgical fixation, correction, and regeneration of human skeleton and soft tissues since 1920.

Synthes Inc   West Chester  United States
Synthes Inc specializes in producing implants and biomaterials. Few of their products include plates and screws, intramedullary nails, external fixation, bone void fillers, fixation system, prefilled cages, Norian craniofacial, repair system, etc.

C.R.Bard Inc specializes in the manufacture of medical and surgical products since 1907.

C.R.Bard Inc    United States
C.R.Bard Inc is a manufacturer of medical and surgical products. They offer products like ablation catheters, acellular collagen matrix, allograft tissue, angiography catheters, bone biopsy products, etc.

Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget manufactures and supplies paper and wood products.

Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget   Stockholm  Sweden
Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget specializes in manufacturing and supplying paper, consumer goods, tissue, wood, and personal care products. Their products include publication paper, timber, pulp, packaging solutions, container board, baby diapers, toilet rolls, hand kerchiefs, napkins, etc.