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Charter Medical Ltd. a Lydall Company is a manufacturer of transfusion devices and bio processing containers. Charter Medical Ltd. headquarters and manufacturing plant are located in Winston Salem, North Carolina.

Charter Medical Ltd.    United States
Charter Medical Ltd. a Lydall Company is focused on providing products to facilitate the collection, separation, manipulation, transportation, storage and administration of blood and blood components in the transfusion and cell therapy division and vital fluids in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries.

Colpitt manufactures and supplies lab machines since 1946.

Colpitt    Netherlands
Colpitt specializes in manufacturing and supplying lab machines since 1946. The company products include blood systems, solution IV bags, dialysis CAPD bags, drug bags, parental and enteral nutrition bags, collection bags, RF and HF generators, medical device packaging, etc.

Medical Coaches Inc supplies mobile products for more than 50 years.

Medical Coaches Inc    ,,
Medical Coaches Inc specializes in supplying mobile products for medical, hitech equipment, environmental, industrial, governmental, and nonprofit markets for more than 50 years. Few of their products include mobile positron emission tomograph, computer tomography systems, mobile magnetic resonance imaging units, mobile blood collection units, mobile cardiac cath labs, mobile education units and bookmobiles, mobile audiometric testing units, etc. The company has been certified to ISO 9001:1994 standard.

Ahlcon Parenterals Limited manufactures life saving intravenous fluids and medical disposals.

Ahlcon Parenterals Limited   New Delhi  India
Ahlcon Parenterals Limited specializes in manufacturing life saving intravenous fluids and medical disposals through the aseptic form fill seal technology. Their products include extrose, saline, electrolytes, amino acids, fat emulsion, blood substitutes, small volume injectables and eye drops, ahlcolyte piv, ahlcolyte miv, ahlcolyte giv, dextrose, sod chloride and dextrose, etc. The company is quality certified to ISO 9002.

Hemosystem is a biotechnology company, develops bacteria detection systems since 1999.

Hemosystem    France
Hemosystem is a biotechnology company, specializes in developing bacteria detection systems. They offer product scansystem which is used for detection of bacterial contamination in apheresis and whole blood platelets.

Baxter International Inc manufactures wide range of medical products for more than 70 years.

Baxter International Inc    United States
Baxter International Inc specializes in producing variety of medical products for health care industry. Their products are biopharmaceutical product includes plasma based therapies to treat immune disorders, alpha 1 antitrypsin deficiency and other chronic blood-related conditionsand biosurgery products for hemostasis, wound-sealing, and tissue regeneration and vaccines. The company also produces manual and automated blood and blood-component separation and collection systems.

Lithey Inc. is a one of leading clinical waste bags manufacturing companies in India. Founded and start up by Ms. Asha Sharma, the company is engaged in manufacturing and supplying various plastic bags used for collection and disposal of clinical wastes,

Lithey Inc.   Delhi  India
At Lithey Inc. we not only manufacture and sell biomedical waste and garbage bags, we sell trust, quality and commitment to our customers. We are a manufacturer of plastic bags and films engineered to meet the specific needs of our customers from domestic, medical and healthcare, laboratory research, Industrial and commercial sectors. Our bags and films are extruded on custom machines that let your business by supplying quality products delivered with unparalleled service.\r\n\r\nThe marketing and sales office of Lithey Inc. is located at capital of India, New Delhi and the manufacturing unit is located at Industrial area Bhiwadi Rajasthan India. At Lithey Inc. you find a team of chemical engineers, technicians and professionals from the field of plastic bags and films industry that not only produce required types of bags and films but also ensure quality standards of relevant authorities.\r\n\r\nManufacturing: We have in-house manufacturing facility equipped with latest machineries for plastic extrusion, cutting, sealing and printing etc. Our unit works with ISO9001 standards and production meets required National and International quality standards.\r\n\r\nMarket we cover: At Lithey Inc. we not only supply our products all over India but also export worldwide. Our customers include end users, distributors, wholesalers, ecommerce sellers etc. Due to reliable pricing policy for all, Lithey Inc. is one the trusted names in plastic bags and films worldwide.

Goal of our website is to create a more comprehensive access to the benefits and use of blood electrification as an effective health regenerating modality.   Woodland Hills  0
Unleash Health Mission website mission is to create a more comprehensive access to the benefits and use of blood electrification as an effective health regenerating modality.\r\n\r\nIt also provides products like blood electrification kit, colloidal silver generating unit, and custom built blood electrifier, application electrode pair, nylatex wrist strap, lectron ii conductivity gel, electrode extension clips, and cotton sleeves.\r\n

Contronics designs, and manufactures temperature alarm since 1978.

Contronics    United Kingdom
Contronics manufactures, and designs logging systems. They are specialized in manufacturing temperature alarm. They provide installing, and maintaining reliable systems, and critical applications. Their products are used for protecting tissue banks, stem cell laboratories, pharmaceutical manufacturing and research facilities, and the food industry.

Medisave UK Ltd   Weymouth  United Kingdom
Medisave UK Ltd provides nursing and medical supplies. Their products include audiometry, autoclaves, bathroom and toileting, beds and accessories, blood pressure monitors, cases and bags, clothing and nightwear, diagnostic sets, dopplers, oximeters, etc. The company has been quality certified to ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 standards.