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Crescent Manufacturing Company is a manufacturer of variety of cutting blades since 1898.

Crescent Manufacturing Company    United States
Crescent Manufacturing Company specializes in manufacturing variety of cutting blades. The company has been certified to ISO 9001:2000. Their products include arrowhead blades, letter opener blades, adhesive tape cutter blades, picture frame mat board cutter blades, twine cutting ring knife blades, roofing blades, plexiglas scoring blades, linoleum cutting blades, tape dispenser blades, etc.

Lakes Precision Inc manufactures precision blades and crimp tools.

Lakes Precision Inc   Three Lakes  United States
Lakes Precision Inc specializes in manufacturing wide range of precision blades and crimp tooling for commercial wire processing machines from. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001:2000. The company also facilitates online purchasing.

Diamond sells wide range of diamond cutting tools.

Diamond    United States
Diamond specializes in distributing variety of diamond cutting products. Few of their products are tile blades, abrasive blades, , grinding polishing pads, core bits, diamond chains, etc. The company also facilitates online purchasing.

Specialty Blades Inc manufactures razor sharp custom-made and standard cutting blades since 1985.

Specialty Blades Inc   Staunton  United States
Specialty Blades Inc specializes in manufacturing razor sharp custom-made and standard cutting blades. Their products include convex blades, circular blades, curved blades, straight knife blades, toothed knife, pointed tip blade, etc.

Dromscies specializes in manufacturing bandsaw blades for wood, metallurgica, and paper industries.

Dromscies    France
Dromscies is a manufctures of wide rnage of bandsaw blades for wood, metallurgica, and paper industries. The company products are coils and bandsaw blades, brush and cutter blades, narrow bandsaw blades, circular and special blades, etc.

American Cutting Edge, Inc specializes in manufacturing and distributing specialty razor blades, since 1965.

American Cutting Edge, Inc   Centerville  United States
American Cutting Edge, Inc makes and distributes all types of thin blades for many industrial and OEM applications. American Cutting Edge, Inc serves medical, fiber, converting, food, broadhead, DIY, flooring markets. American Cutting Edge, Inc products list includes broadhead blades, circular blades, hook blades, pointed blades single edge blades, slitter blades, slotted blades, surgical blades, toothed blades, and utility blades.

Hansaloy Corporation is a producer of bread slicing blades for band and reciprocating slicers since 1933.

Hansaloy Corporation   Davenport  United States
Hansaloy Corporation products include slicer blade, band slicer blade, reciprocating slicer blade, food preparation blade, foam and plastic blade, automatic hone, tension gauges, conveyor and cooler chain, etc. , for use in the food processing, packaging, foam, plastics and paperboard industries.

The M K Morse Company manufactures saw blades and accessories for more than 40 years.

The M K Morse Company    United States
The M K Morse Company specializes in manufacturing saw blades and accessories. Few of their products include hole saws, reciprocating saw blades, jig saw blades, portable band saw blades, hack saw blades and frames, abrasive wheel mandrels, industrial band saw blades, and metal devil circular saw blades.

Magna Matic Corporation manufactures outdoor power equipment tools since 1958.

Magna Matic Corporation   Waldo  United States
Magna Matic Corporation specializes in manufacturing outdoor power equipment tools. Their products include blade balancer, lawn mower blade grinders, sharpeners, cleaners, carbon monoxide exhaust systems for outdoor power equipment use, and other precision balancers for various blades and hub products, snowmobile clutch balancers, etc.

R and B specializes in creating custom made band saw blades since 1985.

R and B    ,,
R and B creates custom made band saw blades. Their products include band saw blades, bimetal blades, abrasives, steel blades, handsaws, router bits, shaper cutters, sanding belts, sanding disks, sandpaper, etc.