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Looker Inc manufactures wide range of bird related products for more than 20 years.

Looker Inc    United States
Looker Inc specializes in manufacturing variety of bird related products. Few of their products are bird feeder and bird houses, bird baths, hanging tray bird feeders, window bird feeders and house, specialty bird feeders, steel squirrel proof bird feeder.

We specialize in providing nesting sites, feeders and sources of water.   Callighan Geneva  0
Bird Houses America Company is family-owned and operated. The company was created out of love and dedication to birds and nature. By providing nesting sites, feeders, seed, and sources of water to our weary feathered friends, the company give support to numerous species. The company currently offer quality houses, feeders, gift baskets for bird lovers, bird baths, bird seed & suet, books-on-birds for children and adults, bird supplies, quality binoculars for bird watchers, and free information on wild bird identification.\r\nThe company will always strive to do the best to serve customers as we would want to be served. \r\n\r\nThe products are BHA Gift Baskets / Bird Supplies Gift Baskets Available, BHA Gift Baskets-Make Your Own!, BHA Gift Baskets/Holiday, Binoculars, Bird Baths, Bird Cameras, Bird Feeders, Bird Houses, Bird Houses / Bluebird, Bird Houses/ Woodpecker, Bird Houses/Decorative-Buy Quality, Decorative Bird Houses Online, Bird Houses/Duck, Bird Houses/Owl, Bird Houses/Purple Martin, Bird Houses/Songbird, Bird Houses/Tree Swallows, Bird Photos/Limited&Framed, Books on Birds, Books on Birds/Butterflies for kids, Butterfly Photos Limited/Framed, \r\nFeeders for Finch, Feeders for Orioles-Fruit, Feeders for Suet Cake, Feeders for Thistle, Feeders for Window, Feeders-Decorative, Feeders-Droll Yankees, Feeders-Platform, Feeders-Tube Type, Feeders/Hummingbird, Feeders/Squirrel Resist, Food, Food-Songbird, Food-Specific Bird, Food-Suet Cakes, Food/Hummingbird-Oriole, Garden Statues & Decoration, Gaurds & Accessories, Hangers for Feeders/Houses, Martin House Pole, Nesting, Outdoor Clock/Thermometer, Post Holder Spikes, Seed Containers, Stands, Posts, and Poles, Supplies and Wind Chimes.

Bizzy Bird Toys is a distributor of colorful handcrafted bird products for pet birds and parrots of all kinds for more than 15 years.

Bizzy Bird Toys    ,,
Bizzy Bird Toys specializes in distributing colorful handcrafted bird products for pet birds and parrots of all kinds. Their products include bizzy bird toys, pet bird toys, parrot toys, bird toy parts, bird playpen, bird stand, small bird toy, unique bird toys, playpens, etc. provides wide array of products for pet animals since 1976.   Golden  United States specializes in providing dog toy products. Their products include rubber toys, tennis toys, plush toys, catnip toys, swizzles, teaser, grooming, bird toys, ferret, horse toys, etc.

We specialize in providing widest range of feeders and solutions. Our offerings include Perky-Pet®, Birdscapes® and Avant Garden® bird feeders.   Rutland  0
Wild Bird Feeders specializes in providing widest range of feeders and solutions. Offerings of the company include Perky-Pet®, Birdscapes® and Avant Garden® bird feeders.\r\n\r\nProduct line of the company includes tube feeders, devcorative feeders, squirrel proof feeders, chalet feeders, accessories, Grandview feeders, baths and waterers, etc.\r\n\r\nCompany offers perky-pet® sunflower wild bird feeder, Garden Song® window bird feeder, perky-pet ® 25cm sunflower seed and peanut feeder, Birdscapes® window feeder, Perky-Pet® safari tube feeder, perky-pet® wild bird and finch feeder, birdscapes® copper garden birdfeeder, perky-pet® Evenseed™ silo, perky-pet® deluxe seed silo with tray, perky-pet® copper wild bird & finch feeder™, birdscapes® copper festival feeder, birdscapes® upside down® goldfinch feeder, etc.\r\n\r\ndecorative feeder’s types offered by the company includes birdscapes® window feeder, perky-pet® gazebo feeder, birdscapes® tulip garden lantern, perky-pet® wilderness lantern, perky-pet® sun & star lantern, perky-pet® deluxe chalet - deluxe kit, birdscapes® tall tulip garden lantern feeder - deluxe kit, avant garden® cupola wild bird feeder - deluxe kit, perky-pet® garden sip & seed bird feeder - deluxe kit, metal lantern , plastic lanterns, wood feeders, window feeders.\r\n\r\nAccessories and houses offered by the company includes Garden Song® Scoop N’ Fill seed scoop, perky-pet® wren home cedar bird house, perky-pet® triple play pole set, 2m steel pole, perky-pet® universal bird feeder pole 210cm steel pole, perky-pet® adjustable railing hook, perky pet® transparent squirrel baffler- squirrel baffler, perky-pet® wren home, etc.

Mallaplas specializes in supplies plastic meshes for agricultural, construction, and business.

Mallaplas    Mexico
Mallaplas provides plastic meshes for agricultural, construction, and business. their products include hail-proof mesh, shade mesh, bird-proof mesh, mosquito-proof mesh, scaffolding cover, windshield mesh, privacy mesh, construction mesh, perimeter mesh, windshield tape, security mesh, geomeshes, etc. They are used in buildings, industries, social and sports centers, service providers, industrial uses, transportation, and home use.

GreenTouch Irrigation is a landscape store.

GreenTouch Irrigation    ,,
GreenTouch Irrigation provides lawn sprinkler system, landscape lighting, log furniture, premium grass seed, wild flower seed, water gardens, squirrel proof bird, feeders, etc.

We specialize in service providing for Pest Control and pest bird, pigeon proofing and pigeon pest control.   Salisbury  0
Regional Environmental Services, understand the often devastating impact of pest related problems, which is why they provide preventative measures and advice in addition to the treatment and solution of existing situations.\r\n Each of the pest control products and services are designed to meet the specific legislation and requirement of each individual industry and project.\r\n most commercial properties will experience some form of pest problem at some time. The company being either rodent or insect, it is best dealt with by having a pro-active pest control company in place to provide correct and effective action.\r\n \r\n\r\nThe service is an amalgamation of highly trained pest control technicians and technical support managers. The company offer comprehensive control of all UK pest species via access to the latest techniques, products and equipment. The aim is to offer a quality pest control service at a competitive rate.\r\n The technicians highly trained with good solid technical backing. The company undertake in compliance with the Food Safety Act 1990 and the specific term of due diligence, the company offer a detailed and concise reporting system any proofing work against rodents as well as trapping and electronic monitoring systems.\r\n \r\n\r\nThe Services are Flood damage clean up including pumping out of sumps etc, Bird dropping removal and cleaning, \r\nSewage leaks and disposal, Biological clean ups, Removal of general grime from on and around buildings, Removal of moss and slime from walkways, Graffiti removal service, Internal low and high level industrial cleaning, Industrial rope access for basic maintenance and cleaning, Commercial building clearance work, Builders clean ups, and Rubble clearing.The most serious pest problems in the UK is that caused by the roosting and perching of Feral pigeons, gulls or other pest Birds. The associated debris etc presents serious Health & Safety risks to staff and the public in the nearby or close environment to where birds nest and roost.\r\nThe company has recognized this growing problem and has put together a specialist team to complete any type of anti-bird methods quickly, successfully and economically.

We specialize in providing professional pest control services to homes and businesses in Greater Vancouver and the Lower Mainland areas.   Vancouver  0
Gilpins Pest Control specializes in providing professional pest control services to homes and businesses in Greater Vancouver and the Lower Mainland areas.\r\n\r\nCompany guarantees their services for the most of the common pests, such as bed bugs, cockroaches, mice, carpenter ants and termites.\r\n\r\nVarious pests controlled by the company includes carpenter ants and cornfield ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, fleas, mice, rats, bird proofing, wildlife proofing and rodent proofing, termites, wasps and bees, wildlife control, such as squirrels and racoons.\r\n\r\nServices offered by the company includes management and removal of crawling and flying insects, rodents and wildlife, carpenter ant and cornfield ant control, bed bug removal, cockroach removal, flea control, mice pest control, rat pest control, bird proofing, wildlife proofing and rodent proofing, termite control, wasp and bees nest removal, wildlife control, such as squirrels and raccoons.\r\n\r\nCompany has certified and insured staffs trained in all aspects of pest control, and they are insured, and certified by the B.C. Ministry of Environment.\r\n\r\nGilpins Pest Control Company deals with pests commonly found in Vancouver, including Bed Bugs, Roaches, Carpenter Ants, Mice & Rats, Termites, Wasp Nests, Fleas and Wildlife.

The Bird Shed is a manufacturer of bird houses, bird baths, bird feeders and ladybug houses.

The Bird Shed    United States
The Bird Shed specializes in manufacturing bird houses, bird baths, bird feeders and ladybug houses. Their products include purple martin items, hummingbird items, decorative bird houses, window feeders, etc.