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BI Technologies is a manufacturer of variety of electronic components for more than 50 years.

BI Technologies    ,,
BI Technologies specializes in manufacturing variety of electronic components. Their products include magnetic components, microcircuits modules, passive networks and discrete, power resistors, panel potentiometers, sensors, switches, etc.

City Technology Ltd provides gas detection technology.

City Technology Ltd    United Kingdom
City Technology Ltd specializes in providing gas detection technology. The company service includes electrochemical sensors, oxygen sensors, toxic sensors, infra red sensors, etc.

Dymedix Corporation manufactures disposable sensors and electrodes since 1998.

Dymedix Corporation    United States
Dymedix Corporation specializes in manufacturing disposable sensors and electrodes for the treatment of sleep disorders and related conditions. The company products are gemini sensors, airflow sensors, neonatal airflow sensor, respiratory effort belts, EMG/EOG electrodes, etc.

Erich Industries Inc specializes in manufacturing and supplying commercial door and loading dock related products worldwide.

Erich Industries Inc   Verona  United States
Erich Industries Inc manufactures and supplies commercial door and loading dock related products. Their products include dock reflector products, automatic door openers, section saver door ratchet, automatic door activation and safety sensors, microdoor light duty fabric door, clean environment door, etc.

Reactive Metals Studio Inc is a supplier of niobium and titanium sheet and wire for jewelry and jewelry findings since 1981.

Reactive Metals Studio Inc    United States
Reactive Metals Studio Inc specializes in selling niobium and titanium sheet and wire for jewelry and jewelry findings. Their products include alloys, Bi-Metals, Nb metals, anodizers, patinas, fusion welder, anchor lube, cup burs, drill bits, tap and die kit, nut and bolt kits, etc.

Hayashidenko is a manufacturer of temperature sensors for industrial applications.

Hayashidenko    Japan
Hayashidenko specializes in producing temperature sensors for industrial applications. They offer variety of temperature sensors such as ultra small diameter 0. 25mm mineral insulated metal sheathed thermocouples, O. D. 1. 0mm RTD sensors, explosion ploof sensors, etc. They also produce platinum thin film RTD elements, platinum wire wound ceramic, and glass elements.

The Mohawk Manufacturing Company designs and manufactures metal stampings since 1921.

The Mohawk Manufacturing Company    United States
The Mohawk Manufacturing Company specializes in designing and manufacturing metal stampings. Few of their products include brass and copper alloys, steel, stainless steel, nickel silver, aluminum, phosphor bronze, and bi metals. The company has been certified with ISO 9001:2000 standard.

Taylor USA manufactures measurement products since 1851.

Taylor USA   Oak Brook  United States
Taylor USA specializes in manufacturing measurement products for home, outdoors, fitness centers, restaurants, laboratories, and manufacturing plants. Few of their products are thermometers, scales, rain gauges, bath scales, bi-therms and psychrometers, etc.

We specialize in manufacturing photonics products.   厦门市  0
Xiamen DND optics co ltd is a manufacturer of photonics products. The company produces products like windows, lenses, prisms, beamsplitters, mirrors, filters, waveplates, crystals, ZnSE/ZnS, coatings, materials, and watch glass.\r\n\r\nThe products are used in telecommunication, non-contact inspection, infrared sensors, precision instruments, semiconductor, micro-measuring systerms, medical and scientific research equipments. \r\n\r\n

Glory Point Industrial Ltd supplies metal material and toy parts since 1988.

Glory Point Industrial Ltd    Hong Kong
Glory Point Industrial Ltd specializes in distributing metal material and toy parts. The company product includes stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, aluminium, titanium, ferrous and non ferrous metals, chime, bellows, whistle, bell, suction cup, pencil sharpener, scissors, chopsticks stand, spoon, chopsticks etc.