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Eurami Group is a U. S. based product design, development, marketing, and distribution company specializing in handheld general purpose geiger counters for over 8 years.

Eurami Group   Baltimore  United States
Eurami Group specializes in designing, developing, marketing, and distributiing handheld general purpose geiger counters. Their products include gamma scout geiger counter, geiger counter radiation detector are used in the detection of alpha, beta, gamma, and x-radiation.

Brandel designs and manufactures variety of laboratory equipments.

Brandel    United States
Brandel specializes in designing and maufacturing wide range of laboratory equipments for biomedical research industry. Their products include harvesting systems, fractionators and fraction collectors, harvesters and dispensing systems, electrical stimulators, microdispensers, peristaltic and syringe pumps, plate sealers, etc.

Aware Electronics Corp specializes in manufacturing PC based and stand alone geiger counters, radiation radon monitors, and other monitors for use with PCs plus.

Aware Electronics Corp   Wilmington  United States
Aware Electronics Corp manufactures PC based and stand alone geiger counters, radiation radon monitors, and other monitors for use with PCs plus. Their primary products are a group of micro roentgen radiation monitors include the RM 60, RM 70, RM 80 and RM G90 monitors. Their products include geiger counters for PCs, radiation monitors, radiation monitor, radiation detection, alpha, beta, gamma, x ray, neutron, radioactivity, radon monitor, thoron, cesium, random number generator, strontium, etc.

Beta specializes in manufacturing professional tools since 1939.

Beta manufactures professional tools. Their products include safety footwear, work wear, pliers, safety shoes, pneumatic tools, etc.

Far West Technology Inc manufactures radiation measuring products since 1971.

Far West Technology Inc    United States
Far West Technology Inc specializes in manufacturing radiation measuring devices for the nuclear, physics, medical, and materials fields. Their products include dosimetry products, health physics instruments, detectors, LET and ion, etc. Their products are used to measure penetrating radiation, gamma, beta, alpha, neutron, and x ray. .

Beta Paternity is a DNA laboratory which provides paternity testing services.

Beta Paternity    United States
Beta Paternity is a service provider, which offers paternity testing services. The company also provides beta self collection kits. Their other services include maternity test, prenatal test, siblingship, grandparentage, etc.

Beta Industries supplies various measuring instruments and systems.

Beta Industries    United States
Beta Industries specializes in distributing densitometer, analyzers, calibrators, etc. Few of their products include press system kits, loupes, magnifiers and microscopes, etc.

ETA Beta produces light alloy wheels since 1977.

ETA Beta    Italy
ETA Beta specializes in manufacturing light alloy wheels.

Beta Enterprise manufactures various car audio accessories since 1998.

Beta Enterprise    China
Beta Enterprise specializes in manufacturing power cable and ground cable, speaker cable, audio interconnect cables, etc. Their products include amplifier wiring kits, power distribution block, fuse and fuse holder, battery terminal, power capacitor, ring terminal, spade terminal, RCA plug, wiring harness, antenna adapter etc.

Health Springs distributes products to strengthen immune system.

Health Springs   Radford  United States
Health Springs specializes in distributing products to strengthen immune system. Few of their products include beta glugans, homozans, colosans, oxyflush, etc.