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Alcott Chromatography Inc designs and manufactures auto sample delivery systems for the HPLC and mass spectroscopy industry since 1985.

Alcott Chromatography Inc    United States
Alcott Chromatography Inc specializes in engineering, designing and manufacturing auto sampler delivery systems for the HPLC and mass spectroscopy industry. Their products include zero carryover auto sampler advanced logic dual plate auto sampler, plate changer system, advanced logic variable volume auto sampler, advanced logic positive displacement auto sampler, HPLC pumps, etc. The company is quality certified to ISO9001.

Can Am Instruments Ltd specializes in distributing industrial process controls, environmental and laboratory instrumentation for more than 30 years.

Can Am Instruments Ltd    Canada
Can Am Instruments Ltd distributes industrial process controls, environmental and laboratory instrumentation. The company products include waste water samplers, open channel and closed pipe flow meters, online water analyzers, viscometers, tank level controls, alarm dialers, oil in water monitors and treatment equipment, gas detection systems and portable and online meters. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001:2000.

Chrom Tech specialises in chromatography instrumentation supplies and accessories.

Chrom Tech    United States
Chrom Tech products are autosamplers, autosampler vials, bio trap columns, chiral columns, chrom tool, column heaters, gas generators, injectors, interactive training software, mobile phase recyclers, etc.

ECOM s. r. o. specializes in producing, supplying and providing services related to analytical, preparative and flash liquid chromatography.

ECOM s. r. o.    Czech Republic
ECOM s. r. o. products include pumps, UV-VIS and RI detectors, injectors, column ovens and others equipment, integrators, columns, syringes, vials, tools, fittings etc.

ICON Scientific Inc distributes Knauer HPLC products.

ICON Scientific Inc    United States
ICON Scientific Inc specializes in distributing Knauer HPLC products. Few of their products include pumps, detectors, softwares, autosamplers, systems, SMB, AAA, osmometers, and accessories.



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