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Chrom Tech specialises in chromatography instrumentation supplies and accessories.

Chrom Tech    United States
Chrom Tech products are autosamplers, autosampler vials, bio trap columns, chiral columns, chrom tool, column heaters, gas generators, injectors, interactive training software, mobile phase recyclers, etc.

ICL Inc is a distributor of laboratory equipments.

ICL Inc    United States
ICL Inc specializes in distributing laboratory equipments. They distributes products such as new or used HP GC with choice of detectors, PE model lambda 3, UV and VIS scanning spec and plotter, ALS 2016 autosampler, P E model 5100Z, AS60, data system, cooling circulator and EDL II P. S, waters 715 autosampler, etc.

ICON Scientific Inc distributes Knauer HPLC products.

ICON Scientific Inc    United States
ICON Scientific Inc specializes in distributing Knauer HPLC products. Few of their products include pumps, detectors, softwares, autosamplers, systems, SMB, AAA, osmometers, and accessories.

ECOM s. r. o. specializes in producing, supplying and providing services related to analytical, preparative and flash liquid chromatography.

ECOM s. r. o.    Czech Republic
ECOM s. r. o. products include pumps, UV-VIS and RI detectors, injectors, column ovens and others equipment, integrators, columns, syringes, vials, tools, fittings etc.

Duratec Analysentechnik GmbH    Germany
Duratec Analysentechnik GmbH specializesin distributing wide range of devices and components for chromatography, photometry and spectroscopy. Few of their products are vials, caps and septa, syringes, fittings, adapter and tubings, etc. Their services include repair service, calibration service, and validation.

Bellingham and Stanley Ltd designs and manufactures digital refractometers and polarimeters since 1914.

Bellingham and Stanley Ltd    ,,
Bellingham and Stanley Ltd specializes in designing and manufacturing digital refractometers and polarimeters. Their products include hand held or portable refractometers, laboratory or bench refractrometers, process instruments, polarimeter, saccharimeter, callibration materials, etc.

CPI International manufactures technical analytical instrument and components since 1986.

CPI International   Santa Rosa  United States
CPI International specializes in manufacturing technical analytical instrument and components for the environmental, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and semiconductor industries. Their products include TOX, AOX products, PID lamps and accessories, instrumentation, modblock digestion system, TKN digestion block and accessories, autosamplers, etc

Ismatec SA is a manufacturer and distributor of tubing, peristaltic, piston and gear pumps since 1964.

Ismatec SA    Switzerland
Ismatec SA specializes in manufacturing and distributing tubing, peristaltic, piston and gear pumps. They offer products such as tubing pumps, rotary ceramic piston pumps, autosamplers, OEM and panel mounted pumps, etc. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001 standard.

F.L.Smidth Automation specializes in the manufacture of electrical automation components for the cement industry for nearly 30 years.

F.L.Smidth Automation    Denmark
F.L.Smidth Automation is a manufacturer of electrical automation components for the cement industry. They offer products like qcx robolab, qcx autosampling, qcx laboratory, qcx autoprep, qcx onstream, etc.

We specialized manufacture HPLC vials, Headspace vials, TOC vials, caps, silicone/PTFE septum, safty caps, Graphitized carbon, SPE. we have:\r\n- ISO 9001 certificate. \r\n- 10 years precious experiences. \r\n- 3 original invented patents.\r\n- 1/3 price of Agile

Ningbo Excellent New Materials Co Ltd   Ningbo  China
Ningbo Excellent New Materials Co. Ltd. Holding by Hamag Investment Limited. Is a company specialized in produce research and develop laboratory chromatography consumables. Main products including various types of autosampler vials caps septa and so on. We were focus on China market and now start sale to oversea markets. After several years of develp and research a wide series advanced products have been developed and well compatible with world classic brand autosamplers such as Agilent Waters Shimadzu etc. \r\n\r\nOur products are specially used for laboratory analysis equipment including storage bottle mobile phase solvent bottle autosampler bottle headspace vial TOC vials EPA vials reagent bottles and more. \r\n\r\n\"Quality Efficiency Service\" Is our belief and mission it\s the key that helps us win the past also will win further. Wishing Our products help building bright clean future all over the world. \r\n\r\nChina Excellent Vial Factory Ltd. Specializes in manufacturing and distributing supplies and accessories in Chromatography instrument. We are a leading manufacturer of various types of the auto sampler vials matched caps septa Teflon silicone compound septa and so on. We have been exported to America Europe Asia Africa and other countries for 10 years . \r\n\r\nDuring 10 years research and development and we also had technology communication with international companies such as Agilent Waters Shimadzu etc we have developed various types products successfully special used for laboratory analysis equipment including storage bottle mobile phase solvent bottle autosampler bottle headspace vial which is suitable for Agilent Waters Beckman Varian Shimadzu Dionex Finnigen Gilson LKB Thermoand all domestic market auto sample of chromatographic instrument. \r\n\r\nAt excellent Vial we engage our customers on a regular basis to celebrate their successes uncover new areas of opportunity and continue the dialogue on how we can best work together.