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We specializes in designing, developing and manufacturing of MVR evaporation crystallization system, turbo machinery and energy recovery system.   Langfang  0
Hebei Leheng Chemical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.(Brand: LH Evaporator) is a high-tech enterprise focus on the design, develop and manufacture of MVR evaporation crystallization system, turbo machinery and energy recovery system. LH evaporator is located in ChaoBai River industrial zone, covering a total working area of 450,000 square feet.\r\n\r\nThe company product includes Centrifugal Compressor, MVR Evaporator, Customized System and Project RE-construction. Centrifugal Compressor includes Gearbox Centrifugal Compressor, High Speed Direct Drive Centrifugal Compressor and Pipeline Pressurized Centrifugal Compressor. MVR Evaporator includes MVR Falling Film Evaporator, MVR Climbing Film Evaporator, MVR Horizontal Tube Evaporator, MVR Plate-type Evaporator, MVR Multi Effect Evaporator and MVR Evaporation Crystallizer. Customized System includes Multiple Effect Falling Film Evaporator, Forced Circulation Evaporator, Multiple Effect Falling Film Forced Circulation Evaporator and Monomer equipment. Some client need to add centrifugal compressor to the current evaporator to save operation cost, we can provide solutions for the re-construction.\r\n\r\nMVR evaporation system is widely used in different field such as Pharmacy and Bioengineering, Chemical Industry, Effluent Disposal, Food Service Industry, Metallurgical Industry, Salt Industry and Desalination Plant, Environmental Engineering and Pipe pressurization (heat recovery).

General Atomics manufactures aerial vehicles and offers research, development, and consulting services to the nuclear industry, including nuclear energy production and defense applications since 1955.

General Atomics   San Diego  United States
General Atomics specializes in manufacturing aerial vehicles. They provide research, development, and consulting services to the nuclear industry and also provide nuclear instrumentation, aircraft launch and recovery systems, superconducting magnets, systems for hazardous material destruction and magnetic levitation systems.

Spraying Systems Co is a manufacturer of industrial spray products since 1937.

Spraying Systems Co   Carol Stream  United States
Spraying Systems Co specializes in manufacturing industrial spray products. Their products include liquid strainers, air atomizing nozzles, metal pretreatment nozzles, air control nozzles, automatic spray nozzles, custom lances and injectors, accessories, lubrication packages, etc.

Atmos Energy Corporation is a manufacturer and distributor of natural gases since 1906.

Atmos Energy Corporation    United States
Atmos Energy Corporation specializes in manufacturing and distributing natural gases. They also offer services like pay and view bill online, start residential service, start business service, atoms energy nonutility services, distribution supply and transportation, etc.

High Energy Metals Inc designs and manufacturer explosion bonded components for more than 25 years.

High Energy Metals Inc    United States
High Energy Metals Inc specializes in designing and manufacturing explosion bonded components. Their products include aluminum and stainless con flat type vacuum flanges, high power microwave electronic packages, threaded bosses, etc.

We specialize in service provider of air conditioners(PAC) and Evaporative air collers (EAC).   Mahwah  0 was created to help consumers become familiar with the growing portable cooling options on the market, specifically portable air conditioners, portable evaporative air coolers and portable dehumidifiers. The goal of the site is to compare and review different products, analyze their features, cost, environmental impact,and energy efficiency, as well as provide relevant, original articles for the knowledge section.\r\n\r\nThe company aspire to be the leading online destination and resource for portable home and commercial cooling products. Home location, size and other appliances can determine efficacy of room coolers. The products are Evaporative Air Cooler Reviews, Portable Air Conditioners, and Other Products.

Kitsune Foods Inc manufactures and supplies wide range of nutraceutical and functional food products since 1996.

Kitsune Foods Inc    Canada
Kitsune Foods Inc specializes in manufacturing and supplying various nutraceutical and functional food products. They offer products through a variety of nutrient categories such as herbal snacks, sport energy foods, functional confectionery formulations, functional chewing gums, beverages, baked goods and frozen treats.

Alaqua Inc manufactures cooling evaporators, cooling evaporative crystallizers, cooling evaporative distillation, and evaporative solvent recovery systems.

Alaqua Inc    United States
Alaqua Inc specializes in manufacturing cooling evaporators, cooling evaporative crystallizers, cooling evaporative distillation, and evaporative solvent recovery systems for the chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries. Few of their products include multiple effect evaporators, falling film evaporators, thin film evaporators and wiped film evaporators, mechanical recompression evaporators, rising film evaporators, thermal recompression evaporators, etc.

Metal Fire Extinguisher offers Metal Fire fighting material under the trade name Metal. Fire. Xtngshr.

Metal Fire Extinguisher    United States
Metal Fire Extinguisher products include Metal. Fire. Xtngshr 2-pak, bulk Metal. Fire. Xtngshr, and jumbo Metal. Fire. Xtngshr. Metal Fire Extinguisher customers include General Electric, Huges Aircraft, Canadian atomic energy commission, etc.

AECL provides range of nuclear technology and services for more than 50 years.

AECL   Tiverton  Canada
AECL specializes in offering range of nuclear technology and services. Their service includes R and D support, construction management, design and engineering to specialized technology, waste management and decommissioning. They also provide on site expertise, supported by nuclear science laboratories, testing capability and engineering facilities.