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J.A.Desai Ferrocements Pvt Ltd is a service provider, which provides building construction and repairs, structural engineering consultants, building consultancy services.

J.A.Desai Ferrocements Pvt Ltd    India
J.A.Desai Ferrocements Pvt Ltd specializes in providing building construction and repairs, structural engineering consultants, building consultancy services. They also offer roofing sheets, ferro alloys, electroplating, insulating tanks, engineering consultants, etc.

We specialize in manufacturing heat shrink material and pipeline anti-corrosion material\r\n   Suzhou  0
\"Suzhou Tongjin polymer Material Co.,Ltd is a manufacturer of heat shrink material and pipeline anti-corrosion material.\r\n\r\nThe heat shrink material series mainly include heat shrink thin wall tube series, heat shrink heavy wall series, heat shrink bus bar tube series, heat shrink power cable accessories series, cold shrink power cable accessories series, and special heat shrink series, which are widely used in eletricity industry,cable and wires, electronics areas, etc.\r\nThe pipeline anti-corrosion material series includes heat shrinkable sleeves serries, anti-corrosion tape series, cold applied tape series, visco elastic series, which are widely used in oil, gas, petrochemical areas.\r\n\r\nThe other products like 3PE heat shrinkable wraparound sleeves, mastic heat shrinkable wraparound sleeves, 3PE heat shrinkable tubular sleeves, mastic heat shrinkable tubular sleeves are used in 3 layers polyethylene system.\r\n\r\nPolyethylene inner tape, outer tape, joint tape, polyethylene cold applied tape and polypropylene fiber woven cold applied tape are used in a economical and easy install pipeline anti-corrosion project.\r\n\"\r\n

Dominion Sure Seal manufactures automotive sealants, and sprayable bedliners

Dominion Sure Seal   Mississauga  Canada
Dominion Sure Seal manufacturer of truck bedliner, anti-corrosion materials, adhesives, tapes, coatings, body and trim tools, and plastic repair products aerosols. They are specialized in products such as adhesives and tapes, anti-corrosion, bedliners and protective coatings, body products and coatings, clears and primers, European products, and glass

Nitto Denko Corporation manufactures wide range of electrical and electronic products.

Nitto Denko Corporation    Japan
Nitto Denko Corporation specializes in manufacturing electrical and electronic products. Their operations are carried out through three divisions namely Electronic material Industrial, and Functional materials. The Electronic materials division manufactures electronic component related products and precision electronics materials. The industrial materials division manufactures sealing products, anticorrosion and waterproofing products, electrical insulating products, industrial bar-code labels and others. The Functional materials division manufactures life care products, medical related products, membrane products and media related products. The company is quality certified to ISO 9000 standard.

Kingstonian Paints Ltd is a manufacturer of specialist paints, varnishes and coatings for industries since 1894.

Kingstonian Paints Ltd   Hull  United Kingdom
Kingstonian Paints Ltd specializes in manufacturing specialist paints, varnishes and coatings for industries. Their products include aluminum primer, chlorinated rubber primer, dipping primers, galvanized pre treatment, metal primer, mordent solution, t wash, vinyl mio primer, zinc phosphate primer, zinc rich primer, etc.

We specialize in manufacture of steel pipe.   Changsha  0
Threeway co.,ltd is a world-class SSAW steel pipe manufacturer,one of the largest subsidiary in shinestar holdings groups. As the company\"s largest export base committed to providing professional one-stop purchase service,he excellent quality control, competitive prices, convenient shipping and timely delivery.Currently,the customers have already been throughout all over the world.including Singapore, Vietnam, Egypt, Nigeria, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Oman, Mexico, Colombia, Australia etc. In the future,Threeway co.,ltd devote to bring unexpected exceptional experience for worldwide customer by the excellent strength and abundant experience.\r\nThe seamless steel pipe are carbon steel pipe, stainless steel pipe, alloy steel pipe and process. \r\nThe ERW Steel Pipe are carbon steel pipe, alloy steel pipe, stainless steel pipe, SHS / RHS steel pipe, galvanized steel pipe, and process. \r\nThe LSAW Steel Pipe are structural steel pipes, fluid transportation pipes, external anticorrosive coating, internal anticorrosive coating and process\r\n. The SSAW Steel Pipe are structural steel pipes, fluid transportation pipes, and process.\r\n\r\nGood quality is the core competitiveness for the enterprise, the main products are carbon steel seamless pipe, carbon steel welded pipe, stainless steel pipe, pipe fittings.All the product is made by the factory which have got the ISO,API and CE certification, in strictly accordance with international standards.Meanwhile,we provide value-added services, such as: hot dip galvanized steel pipe, steel pipe anti-corrosion treatment, pipe cutting, or other customized services.\r\n\r\nShinestar Holding Group,one of the world’s major steel manufacturer,located in China,is committed to providing high-quality steel products for global customers and services.The business scope covers the production, processing, storage, marketing, logistics, and other supplies to many areas of the collection and management of global projects. By virtue of extensive industry experience, Shinestar not only producing high-end steel products, but also providing technical support and solutions for different projects. At the same time, the risk control, cost control, warehouse management, efficient production, including a row overall service are provided.Future, Shinestar will continue to cooperate with global energy companies, oil companies, construction companies, provide one-stop procurement of materials and services and ensure that customers purchase the most cost-effective steel.\r\n\r\n

We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. We specialize in manufacturing rare metals like tantalum, niobium, tungsten, mischmetal and molybdenum series of products for various applications, and industries.   Shanghai  0
Shanghai Jiangxi Metals Co., Ltd is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, and a leading manufacturer of rare metals like tantalum, niobium, tungsten, mischmetal and molybdenum series of products for aerospace, semi-conductor, defense industry, metallurgical, ductile iron foundry, water and wastewater treatment, chemical processing, anti-corrosion chemical, electronics, lighting, medical, surgical implants, emergency first aid kits, survival kits, camping fire starter, etc.\r\n\r\nTantalum metal products offered by the company includes tantalum rod, tantalum bar, tantalum wire, surgical implant tantalum material, tantalum plate, tantalum sheet, tantalum foil, tantalum strip, tantalum ribbon, tantalum tube, tantalum pipe, tantalum capillary tube, tantalum heat exchanger, tantalum alloy, tan alloy or tantaloy metal wire, tantalum spring and tantaloy spring, tantalum injection quill, tantalum crucible tantalum sputtering target\r\n\r\nCompany offers Niobium metal products like Niobium bar, Niobium rod, Niobium wire, Niobium plate, Niobium sheet, Niobium foil, Niobium strip, Niobium ribbon, Niobium tube, Niobium capillary tube, Niobium powder, Niobium Pentoxide, Niobium sputtering target, etc.\r\n\r\nFerroCerium + Mischmetal series products offered by the company includes Ferrocerium flint rod, Ferrocerium rod, Ferrocerium lighter flints, Mischmetal flint rod, Ferrocerium Firesteel, FerroCerium firestarter New and Simple Firesteel Cerium Mischmetal.\r\n

We specialize in manufacture, suppliers and distributor of carbon steel pipe, pipe fittings and associated value added products with advanced equipment, strong technology as well as modern enterprise system corporation.   CHANGSHA  0
\r\nHunan Great Steel Pipe Co.,Ltd is a world-class production and service provider of submerged arc straight seam welded pipe as the first subsidiary of Shinestar Group. The company pays more attention to in the pipeline engineering research areas as a pioneer of China Petroleum Pipeline & Gas Pipeline Science Research Institute, Such as: the use of oil and gas pipelines, pipe welding technology innovation, high-end plumbing materials research and development, as well as special tools technological innovation pipeline construction, pipeline corrosion protection science and technology research, science and technology research pipeline non-destructive testing, pipeline quality assessment, and research pipeline standards and so on.The products for steel pipes are seamless steel pipe, stainless steel pipe(SS), ERW steel pipe, SSAW steel pipe, LSAW steel pipe, drill pipe & OCTG, rectangular tube, square tube, and galvanized steel pipe. The pipe fittings are reducer, flange, Elbow, and Tee.\r\n\r\nQuality products as competitiveness and main products include: carbon steel seamless pipe, carbon steel welded pipe, stainless steel pipe, pipe fittings, which is\r\n variety types and full range specifications, moreover, strictly in accordance with international standards, like: ISO certification, API certification, CE certification. At the same time, we are able to offer value-added steel services, including: hot dip galvanized, anti-corrosion treatment, pipe cutting, or other customized services.\r\n So far, the quantities of export products from the company has been up to 10 million tons covering more than 100 countries or regions, and are widely used in aviation, aerospace, defense equipment, oil exploration, engineering machinery, automobile, railway, rolling stock, new energy and other industries. Currently, the company has been successfully involved in many welded pipe project and even become a professional products specialist in the global.

Our company specialize in manufacturing and exporting fiberglass tissue

Sinoma Jinjing Fibeglass Co.,Ltd.   zibo  China
Sinoma Jinjing Fiberglass Co., Ltd. Is founded on January 2004, with registered capital 200 million Yuan RMB. The main fields include fiberglass, composite materials, and other nonmetallic materials and products of research, production, marketing, technical service, and the relative equipment of research, manufacture and sale.\r\n

We specialize in developing, manufacturing, and supplying anchoring products.   luoyang  0
Luoyang Sinorock® Engineering Material Co., Ltd is a developer, manufacturer, and supplier of anchoring products. The product category includes self drilling anchor bolt, expansion shell anchor bolt, FRP rock bolt, friction bolt, rock drilling tools, anti-corrosion anchor bar system, and stainless anchor bolt system.\r\n\r\nSome of the products produced are Self-Drilling Anchor Bolt System(R-Thread), Anchor Plate, Anchor Coupling, Anchor Nut, Gap Spacer, Self drilling anchor bolt, Self Drilling Hollow Injection Anchor, Self drilling Rock Bolt (T-Thread), Large Diameter Anchor Bolt, Large Diameter Anchor Bolt, Expansion Shell Anchor Bolts, FRP anchor bolts, Friction Anchor Bolts, Swellex Rock Bolts, Stoper Rock Drill, Drift drill, DCP Rock Bolt Accessories, Anti-corrosion anchor bolt system, and Stainless hollow bar anchor. The products are exported to countries like Asia, Oceania, Europe, Africa, North America, and South America. The products are used in industries like tunneling, mining, hydroelectric station and civil construction. \r\n\r\nLuoyang Sinorock® Engineering Material Co., Ltd has been quality certified to ISO and CE quality standards. \r\n