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MPG Industries manufactures and distributes chemical products since 1981.

MPG Industries    United States
MPG Industries specializes in producing and supplying chemical products. Their product includes alkanolamides, anti wear additives, corrosion inhibitors, emulsifiers, and EP additives.

We specialize in manufacturing heat shrink material and pipeline anti-corrosion material\r\n   Suzhou  0
\"Suzhou Tongjin polymer Material Co.,Ltd is a manufacturer of heat shrink material and pipeline anti-corrosion material.\r\n\r\nThe heat shrink material series mainly include heat shrink thin wall tube series, heat shrink heavy wall series, heat shrink bus bar tube series, heat shrink power cable accessories series, cold shrink power cable accessories series, and special heat shrink series, which are widely used in eletricity industry,cable and wires, electronics areas, etc.\r\nThe pipeline anti-corrosion material series includes heat shrinkable sleeves serries, anti-corrosion tape series, cold applied tape series, visco elastic series, which are widely used in oil, gas, petrochemical areas.\r\n\r\nThe other products like 3PE heat shrinkable wraparound sleeves, mastic heat shrinkable wraparound sleeves, 3PE heat shrinkable tubular sleeves, mastic heat shrinkable tubular sleeves are used in 3 layers polyethylene system.\r\n\r\nPolyethylene inner tape, outer tape, joint tape, polyethylene cold applied tape and polypropylene fiber woven cold applied tape are used in a economical and easy install pipeline anti-corrosion project.\r\n\"\r\n

Crown Plastics manufactures thin guage UHMW polyethylene.

Crown Plastics    United States
Crown Plastics manufactures UHMW in continuous rolls with stock gauges. They are specialized in manufacturing coatings, sheet, tape, and wear strips, UHMW film. Countless washers and gaskets are produced from UHMW. The company is certified with ISO 9001.

Dominion Sure Seal manufactures automotive sealants, and sprayable bedliners

Dominion Sure Seal   Mississauga  Canada
Dominion Sure Seal manufacturer of truck bedliner, anti-corrosion materials, adhesives, tapes, coatings, body and trim tools, and plastic repair products aerosols. They are specialized in products such as adhesives and tapes, anti-corrosion, bedliners and protective coatings, body products and coatings, clears and primers, European products, and glass

Magna Tech Manufacturing is a service provider for the casting and electronic components industries since 1987.

Magna Tech Manufacturing    United States
Magna Tech Manufacturing specializes in providing vacuum impregnation of castings. Their services inlcude casting impregnation, electronic impregnation, rust and corrosion removal, thermal deburr, conversion coating, zinc chromate coating, c3 coating, heat treating, ultrasonic cleaning, and dunnage washing. The company is qualtiy certified to ISO and TS 16949:2002.

Kingstonian Paints Ltd is a manufacturer of specialist paints, varnishes and coatings for industries since 1894.

Kingstonian Paints Ltd   Hull  United Kingdom
Kingstonian Paints Ltd specializes in manufacturing specialist paints, varnishes and coatings for industries. Their products include aluminum primer, chlorinated rubber primer, dipping primers, galvanized pre treatment, metal primer, mordent solution, t wash, vinyl mio primer, zinc phosphate primer, zinc rich primer, etc.

Specialty Supply Sales Inc is a wholesale distributor of products includes bostik adhesives, sealants silicones, urethanes and other bostik products.

Specialty Supply Sales Inc    United States
Specialty Supply Sales Inc specializes in distributing bostik products. Their products include aerosol adhesive, cyanoacrylate adhesive, hot melt adhesive, sealants silicones, urethanes and other bostik products.

Gunjan Paints Limited manufactures and markets textile auxiliaries, maintenance products and industrial coatings.

Gunjan Paints Limited    ,,
Gunjan Paints Limited is an ISO 9001-2000 certified company. Gunjan Paints Limited products include epoxy primers and epoxy top coats, polyurethane primers and top coats, furniture enamels, chlorinated rubber paints, special paints, thinners, special maintenance products, polymers, etc.

Chase Corporation manufactures protective materials like anti corrosion and waterproofing products since 1946.

Chase Corporation    United States
Chase Corporation specializes in manufacturing protective materials. The company works in three units such as Chase Specialty Coatings manufactures anti corrosion and waterproofing products, Chase Coating and Laminating specializes in the manufacture and converting of fexible laminates, engineered textiles and composites, Chase EMS provides electronic manufacturing solutions. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001:2000 standard.

Lloyd Insulations manufactures insulation products and systems since 1956.

Lloyd Insulations   New Delhi  India
Lloyd Insulations specializes in manufacturing various insulation products on contract. Their products include anti corrosive materials, false ceiling and false proofing, panel system, protect duct system, steam turbines, etc.