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Mar Mac Wire Inc manufactures wire and wire products, and accessory items since 1953.

Mar Mac Wire Inc   McBee  United States

Hyndman Industrial Products Inc specializes in supplying coiled wire heating elements for industrial and commercial electric heating applications since 1983.

Hyndman Industrial Products Inc    
Hyndman Industrial Products Inc supplies coiled wire heating elements for industrial and commercial electric heating applications. Their products include open coil, serpentine, porcupine, ribbon, rod, strip, plug, rack, etc.

Consolidated Engineering Company manufactures heat processing equipments for more than 50 years.

Consolidated Engineering Company    United States
Consolidated Engineering Company specializes in manufacturing heat processing equipments. Few of their products line include cleancasts, sandlions, ovens, furnaces, aluminum roller hearth furnaces, aluminum solution heat treatment furnaces, etc.

D and S Manufacturing Inc manufactures material handling equipments and machine building products for more than 25 years.

D and S Manufacturing Inc   Grand Rapids  United States
D and S Manufacturing Inc specializes in machine buildings and custom panel buildings. Their products include leak detectors, automated guided vehicles, annealing tunnels, conveyors, etc., for the dairy, water bottling, carbonated beverage and pharmaceutical industries.

Bone Frontier Company manufactures induction heating systems for metal industry since 1984.

Bone Frontier Company    United States
Bone Frontier Company specializes in manufacturing variety of induction heating systems. Their products include automated induction heating systems, scanner, induction heating coils, etc.

Warner Instruments designs and manufactures electronic temperature control systems.

Warner Instruments   Grand Haven  United States
Warner Instruments specializes in manufacturing and supplying various electronic temperature control systems for ceramic kilns, glass annealing furnaces, and environmental test chambers.

Coastal Wire Company manufactures baling wire since 1978.

Coastal Wire Company   Georgetown  United States
Coastal Wire Company specializes in manufacturing wires. Their products include box wire, coil wire, bale ties, etc.

Donohoo Steel Treating Co provides heat treating service to a variety of industries since 1946.

Donohoo Steel Treating Co    United States
Donohoo Steel Treating Co specializes in providing heat treating service to a variety of industries. Their services include clean hardening, carbonitriding, case hardening, normalizing, annealing, stress relieving, baking, tempering, etc.

Greenville Tube Company manufactures stainless steel tube products.

Greenville Tube Company   Greenville  United States
Greenville Tube Company specializes in producing stainless steel tube products. Their product includes welded and drawn tubing, welded and drawn pipes, seamless drawn tubing, seamless drawn pipe, etc.

Guy Degrenne Industrie manufactures stainless steel tablewares since 1980.

Guy Degrenne Industrie   Vire Cedex  France
Guy Degrenne Industrie specializes in manufacturing stainless steel tableware. Few of their products include cutlery, cookware, champagne, buckets, etc.