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Kinematic Automation Inc specializes in the manufacture of equipments for rapid diagnostic test strips.

Kinematic Automation Inc   Twain Harte  United States
Kinematic Automation Inc is a manufacturer of equipments for rapid diagnostic test strips. They offer products like matrix 1600 reagent module, matrix 6100 reel to reel dispensing platform, matrix 1201 membrane cutter, matrix 2360 programmable shear, matrix rotary slitting module, etc.

Film specializes in providing film animators and developing internet platform on world wide web for animators and their clients for over 100 years.

Film    United States
Film specializes in providing film animators and developing internet platform on world wide web for animators and their clients for over 100 years. Their products include virtual 3d, kmgi, tampa digital, broad view media, avenue, space available, etc. Their other services include animation and efx talent, video production companies, multimedia, production crew and support, video and audio post and labs, digital services, production equipment, etc.

Heart of the Earth Marketing supplies animal traps, carriers, restraints, and accessories.

Heart of the Earth Marketing   Fruitdale  United States
Heart of the Earth Marketing offers tru-catch animal traps, which are used for trapping animals like cats, dogs, raccoons, birds, mice, rats. Various ranges of traps include standard traps, bird traps, carriers, restraints, feral cat recovery cage, and accessories like large trap divider, trap cover, and wheel kit.

Lansmont Corporation provides various testing equipments and instruments for dynamics testing industry since 1971.

Lansmont Corporation   Monterey  United States
Lansmont Corporation specializes in manufacturing testing equipments and instruments. The company also performs vibration testing, shock testing, impact testing, drop testing and compression testing. Their products include transportation recorder, tri axial full waveform data recorder, product decoy shock recorder, etc.

Animal Eye Care LLC provides diagnostic equipments for eye problems in dogs and cattle

Animal Eye Care LLC    United States
Animal Eye Care LLC specializes in providing diagnostic equipment, surgical equipment and anesthetic equipments. The company provides services to glaucoma, cataract vision loss, congenital eye abnormalities, lens luxations, uveitis, corneal disease, retinal disease, etc. Their products include electroretinography, tonopen, blood pressure measurement, gonioscopy, indirect ophthalmoscopy, etc.

Megger Group Ltd distributes electric test equipments and measuring instruments for more than 100 years.

Megger Group Ltd    Canada
Megger Group Ltd specializes in distributing electric test equipment and measuring instruments for electrical power applications. Their products includes battery test equipment, cable fault locating equipment, loop and rcd test equipment, vacuum bottle tester, power equipment, relay test equipment, test switches, terminal blocks, oil test equipments, etc.

Advanced Test Equipment Corp offers rental, lease and resale service for testing and measuring equipments since 1981.

Advanced Test Equipment Corp    United States
Advanced Test Equipment Corp is a service provider, which specializes in offering rental, lease and resale service for testing and measuring equipments.

CableTest Systems Inc manufactures test equipments since 1982.

CableTest Systems Inc    Canada
CableTest Systems Inc specializes in manufacturing test equipments. Their products include MPT wiring analyzers, horizon harness testers, power cord testers. Their applications include backplane test, cable test, capacitor test, connector test, discontinuity test, etc., They provide services to aerospace, automotive, contract manufacturing, medical, military, telecom and transportation industries.

Matest Enterprise manufactures testing instruments since 1983.

Matest Enterprise    Italy
Matest Enterprise specializes in manufacturing testing instruments. The company has been certified to ISO 9001:2000 standard.

Lenderking Caging Products is a manufacturer of laboratory animal caging and handling equipment since 1935.

Lenderking Caging Products   Millersville  United States
Lenderking Caging Products specializes in manufacturing laboratory animal caging and handling equipment for research communities. Their products include primate caging, rabbit caging, guinea pig caging, suspended cage racks, plastic caging, dog and multi species caging, stainless steel rodent and metabolic caging, VCS rack, cat caging, ferret caging, animal lab accessories, etc.