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Anchor Lamina specialises in manufacturing and distributing die sets, die components, steel plates and metal fabrications, which are used for producing tools, dies, molds and equipment.

Anchor Lamina   Windsor  Canada
Anchor Lamina is an international manufacturer and distributor of high quality die sets, die components, steel plates and metal fabrications used in the production of tools, dies, molds and equipment for metal working and plastics injection molding. Anchor Lamina products line includes die sets, die components, mold components, hydraulic equipment, special machine components, steel plates, bronze plating services, sediment removal systems, etc.

We specialize in providing Percussion Driven Earth Anchoring Solutions (PDEA\s) to various marketing sectors for over thirty years.   Raleigh  0
Platipus Anchors is a market leaders in the design, manufacture and supply of mechanical earth anchoring products, founded in 1982 Company also specializes in providing percussion driven earth anchoring solutions (PDEA\s) to various marketing sectors for over thirty years.\r\n\r\nCompany offers various products as well as solutions such as percussion driven earth anchoring solutions, tree irrigation solutions, drainage solutions, tree anchoring systems, anchoring products, etc.\r\n\r\nProduct and solutions of the company finds applications in the sectors like civil engineering and construction, tree and irrigation, buoyancy control, marine, shoreline and underwater applications, vineyards, orchards, hops, soft fruit and fruit protection, anchored reinforced grid solutions, utility systems, etc.\r\n\r\nCivil engineering and construction products offered by the company includes anchor components, stealth anchor, bat anchor, wire tendons and solid rods, top fittings, structural reinforcement, design life, plati-drain, installation equipment, etc.\r\n\r\nBuoyancy control capabilities of the company includes stealth anchor, bat anchor, installation, installation equipment and tools, and other pipeline solutions.\r\n\r\nPlatipus Anchors Company’s Platipus ‘Piddler’ tree irrigation system has won the prestigious OROFLOR innovation award.

ITW Brands manufactures engineered tools, fasteners, and components since 1912.

ITW Brands    United States
ITW Brands is a division of Illinois Tool Works, Inc. The company provides a wide range of professional grade anchoring and fastening products. Their products include drywall anchoring systems, concrete anchoring systems, self drilling screws, etc.

Lowry Supply Company distributes fasteners, cutting tools, abrasives, precision instruments, and indexable carbide since 1953.

Lowry Supply Company   Salem  United States
Lowry Supply Company specializes in distributing fasteners, cutting tools, abrasives, precision instruments, and indexable carbide. Their products include machining centers and milling machines, lathes, screw machines, nuts, washers, pins and keys, bolts, socket products, coated abrasives which includes acro, alliance abrasive, arc abrasive, bonded abrasives which includes baystate, boride, buffalo, etc.

East Coast Metals, Inc. is a manufacturer of threaded rods and studs, u-bolts, anchor bolts, hook bolts, nuts, washers and socket products for over 25 years.

East Coast Metals, Inc.    United States
East Coast Metals, Inc. products include threaded rods and studs, sockets, cap screws, set screws, shoulder screws, pipe plugs, pan head screws, bent bolts, nuts and washers, flat washers, etc.

Dibblee Tools Limited manufacturers and distributes marine, industrial and safety critical equipment.

Dibblee Tools Limited    Canada
Dibblee Tools Limited products include anchor chain and attachments, anchors, blocks, deck fittings and bollards, fenders, marine and industrial closures, etc. , along with bow fenders, boat fenders, non sparking tools, etc.

We are a professional drilling tools manufacturer and supplier based in China. We specialize in providing wide variety of drilling tools and anchor tools.   Guiyang  0
Maxdrill Rock Tools Co., Ltd is a professional drilling tools manufacturer and supplier based in China. \r\n\r\nCompany specializes in providing wide variety of drilling tools and anchor tools including top hammer drilling tools, down the hole drilling tools, rock anchors, taphole and quarry drilling tools, and others.\r\n\r\nMain product category of the company includes top hammer drilling tool, down the hole drilling tool, rock anchor, taphole drilling, drill pipes, raw materials, etc.\r\n\r\nCompany offers products such as thread drilling tool, taper drilling tool, integral drill rod, plug hole rod, reaming bit, down the hole hammer, down the hole drill bit, overburden drill, geological bit, self drilling anchor bolt, accessories, hollow grouting anchor, prestressed grouting bolt, taphole drill rod, taphole drill bit, quarry drilling tools, rock drill, quarry drilling tool, diamond wire saw, stone breaking tool, etc.\r\n\r\nCapabilities of the company includes production of hundreds of thousands of button bits, tapered bits, integral drill rods, tapered drill rods, breaker steels, taphole drill bits, self-drilling rock bolts, and hollow drill steel bars, and tens of thousands of shank adaptors, coupling sleeves, down the hole hammers and bits.\r\n\r\nMaxdrill Rock Tools Company has been quality certified to ISO 9001:2008 standards.

Class C Components supplies fasteners and tool room supplies.

Class C Components    United States
Class C Components specializes in supplying fasteners and industrial hardware for OEM end user product as well as tool room supplies. Few of their products are cutting tools, captive fasteners, nylon products, gloves, anchors, metric fasteners, lock washers, etc.

Craftsman 137 Pc Tool Set Brand New provides online supply of craftsman tools.

Craftsman 137 Pc Tool Set Brand New    United States
Craftsman 137 Pc Tool Set Brand New specializes in distributing craftsman tools through online. Few of their products are wrenches, screwdrivers, assorted hand tools, heavy duty metal tool, etc. Inc is an online store, which sells power tools, air tools, hand tools, and accessories. Inc   Omaha  United States Inc is an online store, which specializes in selling power tools, air tools, hand tools, and accessories. Few of their products are screws and anchors, software and calculators, specialty fasteners, construction books, drinks and accessories, staples, tool belts, work gloves and apparels, tool parts, tool supplies and accessories, etc.