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Aluminum Coil Anodizing Corp distributes aluminum products since 1961.

Aluminum Coil Anodizing Corp    United States
Aluminum Coil Anodizing Corp specializes in distributing aluminum products through continuous coil anodizing. . The company products are anodized aluminum in coils and sheet, lighting sheet finishes in specular, textured, and matte, reflective super ultrabrite products, embossed lighting sheet, etc. Aluminum Coil Anodizing Corp is quality certified to ISO 9001:2000.

We specialize in offering aluminium coil coating services in China since 2000.\r\n   Foshan  0
United Aluminum Guangdong Co., Ltd is a company that offers aluminium coil coating services in China. The aluminium coil coated products are used in rolling shutter, facade & roofing, rain gutter, ceiling, license plate, and light fixture.\r\n\r\nThe products are exported to countries like Europe, East Europe, Middle East, US, and South America. \r\n

KBP Coil Coaters Inc specializes in the manufacture of coil coating and building products for more than 35 years.

KBP Coil Coaters Inc    United States
KBP Coil Coaters Inc is a manufacturer of coil coating and building products for commercial and industrial purpose. They offer paint systems like polyester, fluorocarbon, plastisol, and epoxy. They also provide services like coil coating, slitting, embossing, etc.

We specialize in manufacturing of aluminum product includes Pharmaceutical foil, packaging foil, Aluminum foil, aluminum plates, etc.,   Zhengzhou  0
Henan Huawei Aluminum Co., Ltd is a Chinese leading aluminum product manufacturer located in the capital of Henan Province, P.R. China. The products Huawei manufacturing include Pharmaceutical foil, packaging foil, Aluminum foil, aluminum plates, aluminum bars, aluminum plates and aluminum strips.\r\n\r\nThe company Product includes Aluminum Sheet, Aluminum Plate, Aluminum Tread Plate, Aluminium circle, Aluminum Coil, Aluminium Slit Coil, Aluminum Strip, Coated Aluminum Coil (PVDF/Polyester), Embossed Aluminum Sheet, Aluminum Coil, Anodising Aluminum Sheet-Anodising Aluminum Coil, Aluminum Mirror and Aluminum foil. Huawei using an advanced nitrogen annealing furnace, the product has no oil patch on the surface. To ensure the quality of products, Huawei test the product by sampling at different positions and procedures, such as the smelting furnace, static furnace, cold-rolling equipment, etc.\r\n\r\nHenan Huawei Aluminum Co., Ltd Product quality was perfectly guaranteed by the long-term experience in this line. To ensure the alloy content can reach international standard like ASTM, EN, JIS, Huawei test the coil by sampling from the head, tail and middle part of the coil.

Colmac Coil Manufacturing Inc manufactures commercial and industrial coils since 1971.

Colmac Coil Manufacturing Inc    United States
Colmac Coil Manufacturing Inc specializes in manufacturing commercial and industrial coils since 1971. The company products include plate fin heating and cooling coils, fluid coolers, refrigeration air coolers and condensers, heat pipe coils, and air source heat pump water heaters.

Mission Metals supplies steel and metals made products.

Mission Metals   Corona  United States
Mission Metals specializes in supplying steel and metals made products. The products include cold rolled steel, galvanized steel, paintable galvanized coil, prepainted sheet and coil, stainless steel, etc.

Arbor Metals LP is an international trader, processor and stocking metal service center for all grades and thicknesses of stainless steel and aluminum strip and coil since 1984.

Arbor Metals LP    United States
Arbor Metals LP specializes in distributing products like stainless steel and aluminum strip and coil for more than 20 years. The company is quality certified to iso 9001 standard. Their products include precision metals, edging and oscillate winding equipment, mill finished, embossed, painted, mill finished nickel alloy coils, etc.

Southern Aluminum Finishing Co manufactures aluminium finishing products since 1946.

Southern Aluminum Finishing Co   Atlanta  United States
Southern Aluminum Finishing Co specializes in manufacturing aluminium finishing products. They specialize in custom fabrication, coils, powder coatings, custom anodizing, paint finishes, prefinished aluminum sheet, architectural extrusions and architectural roofing products.

HerrVoss Stamco manufacture coil processing equipment for a variety of metal working industries.

HerrVoss Stamco   Callery  United States
HerrVoss Stamco manufacture coil processing equipment such as precision levelers, tension leveling systems, loop pit coil slitting systems etc. , for producers of ferrous and nonferrous metals, original equipment manufacturers, processing line manufacturers service centers, and competitive line builders such as levelers, components, rebuilds. Services include parts and rolls levelling, field services, mill services, rebuild and retrofit services and engineering services.

Hyndman Industrial Products Inc specializes in supplying coiled wire heating elements for industrial and commercial electric heating applications since 1983.

Hyndman Industrial Products Inc    
Hyndman Industrial Products Inc supplies coiled wire heating elements for industrial and commercial electric heating applications. Their products include open coil, serpentine, porcupine, ribbon, rod, strip, plug, rack, etc.