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Gigavac designs, manufactures, and sells sealed high voltage relays.

Gigavac   Santa Barbara  United States
Gigavac specializes in manufacturing and supplying sealed high voltage relays. The company product includes vacuum relays, gas filled relays, high voltage reed relays, custom high voltage relays, direct high voltage relay replacements, etc.

Markenrich Corporation   Duarte  United States
Markenrich Corporation specializes in distributing relay test equipment. Their products include RT250A, mllt life/misstester, RTC25, application note, etc.

Inter Comm Computer Systems Ltd provides software for other companies.

Inter Comm Computer Systems Ltd    ,,
Inter Comm Computer Systems Ltd is a service provider, which offers software for power equipments. Their services include webpage design, webpage creation, webpage implementation and webpage maintenance.

Coto Technology designs and manufactures reed relays and dry reed switches for the electronic industry since 1970.

Coto Technology   Warwick  United States
Coto Technology specializes in designing and manufacturing reed relays and dry reed switches for the electronic industry. Their products include reed relays which include miniature vertical SIP relay, high voltage SIP relay, dual switch, miniature SIP reed relay, changeover dry reed switches, molded switches, etc., They provide services to automatic test equipment, data acquisition, instrumentation, process control, telecommunications, medical, and security. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Broyce Control Ltd designs and manufactures industrial process control equipment for over 40 years.

Broyce Control Ltd    United Kingdom
Broyce Control Ltd specializes in designing and manufacturing industrial process control equipment. Their products include timers, control relays, three phase relays, relays, sockets, level control relays, earth leakage relays, protection devices, interface modules, hours run meters.

Comus International is a manufacturer of glass mercury tilt switches since 1978.

Comus International    United States
Comus International specializes in manufacturing glass mercury tilt switches. Their products include tip over switches, motion and vibration sensors, encapsulated switches, reed switches, reed relays low voltage, reed relays high voltage, mercury displacement relays, liquid level sensing float switches, proximity sensors, etc.

Bender UK Ltd designs and manufactures wide range of sensitive insulation monitoring devices and online earth fault location systems for more than 60 years.

Bender UK Ltd    United Kingdom
Bender UK Ltd is a division Bender Group, which of specializes in designing and manufacturing sensitive insulation monitoring devices and online earth fault location systems used to detect earth faults on essential electrical systems.

Dionics Inc. was found for manufacturing dielectric isolation for over 30 years.

Dionics Inc.   Westbury  United States
Dionics Inc. supplies the industry with semiconductor devices. The company uses dielectric isolation construction to manufacture radiation hard ICs for the minuteman ICBM.

American Durable, Inc Incorporated in 1977 manufactures custom assembly, military vehicle parts, hydraulic, electrical, mechanical, and assembly.

American Durable, Inc.   Inver Grove Heights  United States
American Durable, Inc products list includes voltage rectifier, pressure switch, temperature gauge sender, trouble lamp assembly, voltage regulator, dummy round, relay, 3 phase relay, waterproof relay, machine gun solenoid, truck brake shoe, and cabinet safety switch.

Mobile Power Inc manufactures alternators, voltage regulators and control systems.

Mobile Power Inc    United States
Mobile Power Inc specializes in producing alternators, voltage regulators and control systems. Their product includes AC power inverters, custom designed battery backup systems, mobile welding systems and custom built alternator systems.