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Eurami Group is a U. S. based product design, development, marketing, and distribution company specializing in handheld general purpose geiger counters for over 8 years.

Eurami Group   Baltimore  United States
Eurami Group specializes in designing, developing, marketing, and distributiing handheld general purpose geiger counters. Their products include gamma scout geiger counter, geiger counter radiation detector are used in the detection of alpha, beta, gamma, and x-radiation.

Aware Electronics Corp specializes in manufacturing PC based and stand alone geiger counters, radiation radon monitors, and other monitors for use with PCs plus.

Aware Electronics Corp   Wilmington  United States
Aware Electronics Corp manufactures PC based and stand alone geiger counters, radiation radon monitors, and other monitors for use with PCs plus. Their primary products are a group of micro roentgen radiation monitors include the RM 60, RM 70, RM 80 and RM G90 monitors. Their products include geiger counters for PCs, radiation monitors, radiation monitor, radiation detection, alpha, beta, gamma, x ray, neutron, radioactivity, radon monitor, thoron, cesium, random number generator, strontium, etc.

Far West Technology Inc manufactures radiation measuring products since 1971.

Far West Technology Inc    United States
Far West Technology Inc specializes in manufacturing radiation measuring devices for the nuclear, physics, medical, and materials fields. Their products include dosimetry products, health physics instruments, detectors, LET and ion, etc. Their products are used to measure penetrating radiation, gamma, beta, alpha, neutron, and x ray. .

Alpha Stone Industries manufactures natural stone products.

Alpha Stone Industries   Shawnee  United States
Alpha Stone Industries specializes in manufacturing and installing products natural stone products like building facades, kitchen and vanity counter tops, fireplace and tub surrounds, tabletops, etc.

Canberra Inc is a distributor of nuclear measurement equipment for more than 35 years.

Canberra Inc    United States
Canberra Inc specializes in distributing nuclear measurement equipments. Their products include alpha analyst integrated alpha spectrometer, gamma analyst integrated gamma spectrometer, low background alpha beta counting systems, gas filled detectors, germanium detectors, pips x-ray detectors, scintillation detectors, etc. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001 standard.

Alpha Pneumatic Inc is a service provider specializing in foundries samples to car keys.

Alpha Pneumatic Inc    United States
Alpha Pneumatic Inc is a service provider specializing in foundries samples to car keys. They offer services like foundries samples, work orders, pick tickets, bills of lading, micro chips, computer print outs, money, blood samples, car keys. They offer products like alphie, beta, and alpha.

Aromor F and F Ltd is a manufacturer and distributor of aroma chemicals for food, cosmetics and perfume industries.

Aromor F and F Ltd    United Kingdom
Aromor F and F Ltd specializes in manufacturing and distributing aroma chemicals for food, cosmetics and perfume industries. Their products include ambermor, cis 3 hexenyl acetate, alpha cyclocitral, beta damascene, gamma dodecalactone, etc. The company is quality certified to ISO 9002 standard.

We specialize in providing quality products such as Professional name tags, Metal name badges, Plastic name badges and etc.,   Laurel  0
Name Tag Pros is an online initiative of Mickey’s Inc. For over 30 years the company has been providing quality products and services to the client friends. Most companies that conduct business online tend to push customers to strictly online ordering with very little interaction with their customers. To these companies you are just an order number and a job to complete as fast as possible. Zero commitment – Zero interaction – Zero investment.\r\n\r\nThe company product includes Professional name tags, Metal name badges, Plastic name badges, Reusable plastic name badges, Employee name tags, Business name tags, Sorority name tags, a-c, Sorority name tags, d-k and Sorority name tags, p-z. The product Professional name tags include Creative Shaped Name Tags, Eco-Friendly Name Tags, Engraved Name Tags, Executive Name Tags, Logo Name Tags, Magnetic Name Tags and Personalized Name Tags. Metal name badges include Bordered Metal Name Tags, Executive Name Tags, Metal Name Tags, Name Tags with Bling, Scratch Resistant Name Tags and Sorority Name Tags. Plastic name badges Custom Shaped Name Badges, Engraved Name Badges, Full Color Name Tags, Photo ID Badges, Plastic Name Tags, Sorority Name Tags, Stock Shaped Name Tags and Visitor Name Tags. Reusable plastic name badges include Reusable Metal Name Tag, Reusable Name Tags and Window Name Tags. Employee name tags Meeting and Event Name Tags, Employee Name Tags, Restaurant Name Tags, School Name Tags and Staff Name Tags. Business name tags Auto Dealer Name Tags, Banking Name Tags, Church Name Tags, Dental Name Tags, Golf Club Name Tags, Nursing Name Tags, Real Estate Name Tags and Veterinary Name Tags. Sorority name tags, a-c inclides Alpha Chi Omega, Alpha Delta Pi, Alpha Gamma Delta Name Tags, Alpha Omicron Pi Name Tags, Alpha Phi Name Tags, Alpha Sigma Alpha Name Tags, Alpha Xi Delta Name Tags and Chi Omega Sorority Name Tags. Sorority name tags, d-k includes Delta Delta Delta Name Tags, Delta Gamma Sorority Name Tags, Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority Name Tags, Delta Zeta Sorority Name Tags, Gamma Phi Beta Sorority Name Tags, Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority Name Tags, Kappa Delta Sorority Name Tags and Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority Name Tags. Sorority name tags, p-z Pi Beta Phi Sorority Name Tags, Sigma Delta Tau Sorority Name Tags, Sigma Kappa Sorority Name Tags, Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority Name Tags and Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority Name Tags.\r\n\r\nName Tag Pros is located in south central Mississippi in the city of Laurel. From this location the company can service all parts of the US and Canada in with a maximum of 5 days ground shipping.

Hangzhou onicon chemical co limited , dedicated in producing APIs,cosmetic & food ingredients,as a manufacturing and exporting base on the chemical pharmaceuticals industry, is in the leading position of manufacturing technology and capacity for pharma-ch

Hangzhou onicon chemical co limited   yichang  China
Hangzhou Onicon Chemical co.,ltd has cooperated with 3 research institutes and 7 different universities, has built a truly unique niche in the chemical industry. Today Hangzhou Onicon Chemical co.,ltd has grown to be one of leading manufacturers of APIs,cosmetic & food ingredients in China . We are well respected and focused on servicing our customers

Brandel designs and manufactures variety of laboratory equipments.

Brandel    United States
Brandel specializes in designing and maufacturing wide range of laboratory equipments for biomedical research industry. Their products include harvesting systems, fractionators and fraction collectors, harvesters and dispensing systems, electrical stimulators, microdispensers, peristaltic and syringe pumps, plate sealers, etc.