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Hause Machines Inc manufactures and distributes wide range of machine components for industrial applications since 1953.

Hause Machines Inc   Montpelier  United States
Hause Machines Inc specializes in manufacturing and distributing variety of machine components, including air-hydraulic, hydraulic, ballscrew, hydraulic servo, and pneumatic drilling units, lead screw tapping units, drill and tap presses, etc., for automotive, farm, firearms, appliance, electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic, marine, aircraft and aerospace, ordinance, U-bolt, fastener, welding equipment, hand tools, heavy truck, plumbing, transportation and transmission industries.

Chardam Gear Company is a manufacturer of components for the aerospace and defense industries for the past 50 years.

Chardam Gear Company    United States
Chardam Gear Company manufactures parts for pumps (fuel, oil, or hydraulic), auxiliary power units, or actuation systems. Chardam Gear Company`s quality systems are compliant to standards like: AS 9100, UTC ASQR-01, ISO 9002 (in transition to ISO 9001:2000).

We specialize in supplying complete Aircraft Ground Support Equipment solutions to corporate flight departments, airlines, military, general aviation, and FBOs.   New Bern  0
Pilot John GSE, LLC distributes complete Aircraft Ground Support Equipment solutions corporate flight departments, airlines, military, general aviation, and FBOs. \r\n\r\nThe company offers equipment from industries like Tronair, JETporter Tugs, JBT AeroTech exclusive corporate and FBO distributor, Foxtronics, Taughannock Aviation, Alberth Aviation, Clyde Machines, Laversab, AMG & Associates, and Tiger Tugs exclusive electric helicopter tug distributor.\r\n\r\nPilot John GSE, LLC produces equipments from the manufacturers like Barfield, Clyde Machines, Eagle Aircraft Tugs, foxcart, Hobart, JBT AeroTech, JetPorter, Electric Aircraft Tugs, Lektro Electric Aircraft Tugs, Power King, Power Products, Start Pac Portable Ground Power Supply, Tronair Ground Support Equipment, and Unitron Ground Power Units.\r\n\r\nThe company trades used aircraft ground support equipment for new equipment including jacks, hydraulic power units (HPUs), tow bars, tow bar heads, electric aircraft tugs, maintenance tooling, lavatory and water carts, and much more.\r\n\r\nPilot John GSE, LLC sells products like Baggage Carts, Cargo Loaders, Air Conditioning, Air Start, Air Stairs, Belt loaders, Deicers, Aircraft Ground Heaters, and Aircraft Wheel Chocks and also Aircraft Parts / Test Equipment like Cabin Pressurization Units, Engine Compressor Washers, Fuel, Test Equipment, Aircraft Wheels and Tires, Aircraft Life Rafts, Gulfstream Parts, Falcon Parts, and Beech jet Parts.\r\n

Harter Industries Inc manufactures hardware products and ground support test equipments since 1988

Harter Industries Inc   Tempe  United States
Harter Industries Inc specailizes in manufacturing hardware products and ground support test equipments since 1988. The company services include repairs, overhauls and tests for numerous commercial aircrafts and military components.

Autogard specialize in the manufacture of aircraft componentry products.

Autogard    United States
Autogard specialize in the manufacture of aircraft componentry products. They offer products like power and transmission couplings, torque monitoring, torque limiters, electronic power monitors in 3 phase electric circuits.

Aircraft Tool Supply Co. is an online store offering guns, riveting kits, sheet metal tools, inspection equipment, aircraft engine tools, and other specialty aircraft tools.

Aircraft Tool Supply Co.   Oscoda  United States
Aircraft Tool Supply Co. carries over 3000 different products specifically for aviation maintenance. Aircraft Tool Supply Co. offer for sale products like aircraft jacks, blind riveters, hand tools, rivet guns, sheet metal tools, rivet squeezers, riveting kits, precision measuring, reamers, drills and drilling aids, drills bits, countersinks, bucking bars, etc. Aircraft Tool Supply Co. can ship its products to throughout United States, and to any part of the world.

Global Aerospace Corp provides services for aircraft component overhaul, exchange and lease capabilities for hydraulic components

Global Aerospace Corp    ,,
Global Aerospace Corp serves for aircraft component overhaul, and exchange for pneumatic, mechanical and electrical components. They are located at Toronto`s Pearson International Airport in Ontario Canada. They are specialized for actuators, gear boxes, transmissions, compressors, valves, air-starters, landing gear, and pumps.

Hansen Transmissions International manufacturers gears and supplies drive solutions since 1923.

Hansen Transmissions International    Belgium
Hansen Transmissions International specializes in manufacturing gears and supplying drive solutions since 1923. The company products include bucket elevators, car crushers, cement kilns, conveyor systems, industrial mixers, paper mills, pulpers aerator drives, screw pump drives and brush aerator drives, hansen w4, p4 standstage units, etc.

Bibby Transmissions Group manufactures various sorts of couplings, torque limiters, etc.

Bibby Transmissions Group    United States
Bibby Transmissions Group specializes in manufacturing various sorts of couplings to the industrial markets Their products include taper grid resilient couplings, resilient grid couplings, gear couplings, torque sensor units, torque limiters, etc.

Clesco manufactures mechanical power transmission products, tool and abrasive accessories, custom machined parts and assemblies since 1930.

Clesco    United States
Clesco specializes in manufacturing mechanical power transmission products, tool and abrasive accessories, custom machined parts and assemblies. The company products include bearing units, pulleys, mandrels, dowel accessories, etc. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001 standard.