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Chardam Gear Company is a manufacturer of components for the aerospace and defense industries for the past 50 years.

Chardam Gear Company    United States
Chardam Gear Company manufactures parts for pumps (fuel, oil, or hydraulic), auxiliary power units, or actuation systems. Chardam Gear Company`s quality systems are compliant to standards like: AS 9100, UTC ASQR-01, ISO 9002 (in transition to ISO 9001:2000).

Marine and Industrial Transmissions Ltd supplies drive line and propulsion systems since 1974.

Marine and Industrial Transmissions Ltd    United Kingdom
Marine and Industrial Transmissions Ltd specializes in supplying drive line and propulsion systems. Few of their supplies include marine gearboxes, power take offs, power shift transmissions, torque converters, fluid couplings, compressors, and marine propulsion systems.

Great Lakes Power specializes in distributing power products.

Great Lakes Power    
Great Lakes Power distributes power products like fork lift trucks and attachments, marine gears, powershift transmissions, clutches, straddle carriers, drivelines, universal joints, torque converters, power take offs, arneson drives, water jets, brakes and electronic controls. The company also remanufactures and does services for straddle carriers, side loaders, and other equipments.

Machine Service Inc is a manufacturer of power transmission equipment since 1948.

Machine Service Inc    United States
Machine Service Inc specializes in manufacturing power transmission equipment. The company has ISO 9002 certification. Their products include drive shafts, couplings, universal joint, driveshafts, propeller shafts, spindle shaft couplings, slip drivelines, metric drive shafts, mechanics driveshafts, dana spicer shafts, etc.

GoHz is a manufacturers-based online shop in AC power supply industries.

.GoHz Power Source Inc   Chicago  United States
GoHz is a manufacturers-based online shop in AC power supply industry to provide solutions for changing regular grid power frequency (50 Hz, 60 Hz), DC power source to adjustable frequency & voltage source. Solid state pure sine wave frequency converters, variable frequency drives, inverters etc. are for sale in affordable price on\r\n\r\nLess iron is one reason that aircraft power systems are 400 Hz. -- mush less iron in transformers, motors, and generators as well as smaller filter capacitors in the electronics. That was a WW2 design tradeoff. Some of that may be different with modern electronics and 400Hz switching power supplies -- high frequency switching electronic supplies take that even further with kilohertz frequencies. It may be a factor but is not as likely. Lastly check your open circuit voltages to be sure the arrays are configured properly for the power inverters. Some product standards (marine power converters is one) do cover the lower frequencies and call out limits in the 9kHz to 150kHz range. The IEEE have limits on this range in their IEEE1547 distributed resource standards. No doubt active filter manufacturers would carefully choose a product standard that makes it as easy for them as possible.

TB Woods Inc designs and manufactures electronic and mechanical power transmission equipments for industrial control.

TB Woods Inc   Chambersburg  United States
TB Woods Inc specializes in designing and manufacturing electronic and mechanical power transmission equipments. Their production include clutch and brake, gear motor and gear reducer, synchronous and belted variable speed drives, disk, jaw, gear coupling and flexible shaft coupling products, sheaves and bushings, AC drives and DC drives, etc. The company sells products under brand name like Sure-Flex, Dura-Flex, and Form-Flex.

Harter Industries Inc manufactures hardware products and ground support test equipments since 1988

Harter Industries Inc   Tempe  United States
Harter Industries Inc specailizes in manufacturing hardware products and ground support test equipments since 1988. The company services include repairs, overhauls and tests for numerous commercial aircrafts and military components.

Bootbhavani Fabricators specializes in manufacturing cable machineries since1984.

Bootbhavani Fabricators    India
Bootbhavani Fabricators manufactures and provides complete range of machineries for telephone cable, power cable and control cable like wire rewinding machines, wire bunching machine, jelly filling equipments, cable. Their products include self traveling take up stand, self traveling pay off stand, hydraulic pay off stand, haul off caterpillar, flyer pay off machine, motorised wire elongation machine, jelly melting holding tank and filling tank, wire insulation striping machine, cross head tools, cooling water through, meter marking stand, rewinding machines, sheathing lines, auxiliary equipments, etc.

Auburn Gear Inc manufactures wide range of geared products since 1982.

Auburn Gear Inc    United States
Auburn Gear Inc specializes in manufacturing variety of geared products. Few of their products arewheel drive, non-powered unit, shaft drive, integral parking brakes, swing drive, spindle drive, spools, electronically controlled traction enhancing differential, limited slip differentials, etc.

Tom Woods Custom Drive Shafts specializes in manufacturing drive shafts products for more than 20 years.

Tom Woods Custom Drive Shafts    United States
Tom Woods Custom Drive Shafts manufactures drive shafts products. Their product include tail shaft conversion kits, HD conversion kit, custom built drive shafts, ultimate travel, multiple double carden, double cardan conversion, flanged CV conversion, shorty double cardan, rubicon CV, 42 degree bamf driveshafts, etc.