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Conbar ep manufactures disposable and reusable environmental and industrial sampling devices.

Conbar ep    United States
Conbar ep specializes in manufacturing disposable and reusable environmental and industrial sampling devices. The company products include bomb samplers, bottles, jars and vials, bailers, drum wrench, soil sampling kits, sterile products, trays, etc.

Hach Company manufactures and distributes analytical instruments and reagents since 1947.

Hach Company   Loveland  United States
Hach Company specializes in producing and supplying analytical instruments and reagents used to test the quality of water and other aqueous solutions. Their products include spectrophotometers and colorimeters, laboratory and portable electrochemical products, test kits and portable systems, laboratory and portable turbidimeters, on line analysis instrumentation, microbiological testing products, flow systems and data communication systems, samplers and sampling systems, etc. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001:2000 standard.

Indiana Sampler specializes in selling kits, plans, and tunes.

Indiana Sampler   Fort Wayne  United States
Indiana Sampler sells kits, plans, and tunes. They offer products such as birdhouse kits, birdhouse kits, christmas tunes, clock dept, dollhouse furnitures, dollhouse furnitures, itunes, kaleidoscopes, flowers, etc.

Atlantic Nuclear distributes variety of instuments and nuclear accessories.

Atlantic Nuclear    ,,
Atlantic Nuclear specializes in supplying wide range of instuments and nuclear accessories. Few of their products are ion chambers, probes, holders, , portal monitors, emergency kits, low volume air sampler, filter paper, etc.

F And J Specialty Products Inc manufactures air samplers, calibrators and air sampling supplies.

F And J Specialty Products Inc    United States
F And J Specialty Products Inc specializes in producing air samplers, calibrators and air sampling supplies. Their product includes air flow calibrators, air samplers, data storage devices, filter holders, etc. Their products include company is quality certified to ISO-9001:2000 standard.

Air metrics was established in 1992. They provides practical and innovative solutions to ambient air monitoring problems.

Air metrics    United States
Air metrics manufactures minivol portable air sampler and offer calibration orifices, filter cassettes, mailers, and tedlar bags. They also provide filter weighing services, calibration services, and rental samplers.

Cenogenics Corporation is a diagnostic products manufacturing company. The company got the 1990 exporter award of the year.

Cenogenics Corporation   Morganville  United States
Cenogenics Corporation together with our manufacturing subsidiary, laboratory diagnostics, also markets a broad range of diagnostic kits and reagents. The company products include very sensitive pregnancy test systems, reagents for syphilis serology, very stable, non prozoning latex tests for C-reactive protein and rheumatoid factor diagnostic kits, febrile antigen reagents and stool blood test kits.

Mearnscraft provides online supply of Scottish theme needlecraft kits and charts.

Mearnscraft    United Kingdom
Mearnscraft specializes in distributing Scottish theme needlecraft kits and charts through online. Their product includes Scottish maps, Scottish theme kits, hamish haggis, celtic knots and symbols, celtic crosses, thistles, Scottish wedding samplers, etc.

Gibson Laboratories Inc supplies various microbiological products. They provide prepared medias, reagents, and ancillary.

Gibson Laboratories Inc    United States
Gibson Laboratories Inc manufactures prepared culture media, stains and reagents, rapid test kits, inocu-swabs, and other microbiological supplies. They are specialized for blood products, oxidase swabs, campy gas, sensi discs, and fungal serology.

Pierce Biotechnology specializes in providing protein-studies and related research.

Pierce Biotechnology    United States
Pierce Biotechnology offers protein-studies and related research. Pierce Biotechnology is now sold as Thermo Scientific. Pierce reagents and kits are for protein purification, protein detection and quantitation, protein sample preparation, protein labeling, protein interaction, protein immunodetection, protein electrophoresis, protein assays, ELISA and array-based assays for intracellular and extracellular proteins, cellomics hit kit reagents for high content screening, GC and HPLC Reagents, etc.