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Aquaculture Research/Environmental Associates Inc is a distributor of aeration, water pumping, water filtration, heating and chilling systems for more than 32 years.

Aquaculture Research/Environmental Associates Inc    United States
Aquaculture Research/Environmental Associates Inc specializes in distributing aeration, water pumping, water filtration, heating and chilling systems. Their products include adapter kits, airlift bushings, black poly tubing, blowers, activated carbon, biological filters, etc. Inc is a distributor of aquarium products and equipments through online since 1998. Inc    United States Inc specializes in distributing aquarium products and equipments through online. Their products include aeration equipments, aquarium decorations, aquarium tools, pest control, fish food, feeders, lighting, etc.

Brighton Systems Ltd manufactures and supplies bioreactor systems and laboratory equipments.

Brighton Systems Ltd    United Kingdom
Brighton Systems Ltd specializes in manufacturing and distributing variety of bioreactor systems and laboratory equipments for biotech and horticulture industries. Few of their products are process controllers, motor control drives, magnetic stirrers, bioreactor control panels, amplifiers and transmitters, peristaltic pump units, etc.

Easy Grow supplies various hydroponic products.

Easy Grow   Manukau  New Zealand
Easy Grow specializes in supplying wide range of hydroponic products. Their products include can filters, hydroponic systems, indoor lighting kitsets, propagation equipment, pumps and heaters, pots, etc.

Graystone Creations distributes pond pumps and supplies for building a pond or water garden.

Graystone Creations    United States
Graystone Creations specializes in supplying pond pumps and supplies for building a pond or water garden. The company product includes pond liners, pond pumps, underwater pond lights, pond kits, pond filters, pondless waterfalls, etc.

Hawaiian Marine Imports, Inc. supplies pumps, filters, etc. , since 1969.

Hawaiian Marine Imports, Inc.   Houston  United States
Hawaiian Marine Imports, Inc. products include filters, air pumps, UV sterilizers, heating systems and fertilization systems.

Imagine Gold LLC manufactures various plastic blow molded products.

Imagine Gold LLC    United States
Imagine Gold LLC specializes in manufacturing a wide range of plastic blow molded products. The company products include artificial aquarium plants, aquarium air pumps, top ornaments for bowls, etc. Imagine Gold LLC distributes their products to beverage, display and promotional, hospitality, pet, floral, health, beauty, and toy industries.

Interface Devices Inc is a designer and manufacturer of air driven fluid pumps, hydraulic valves, and custom engineered fluid power products since 1971.

Interface Devices Inc   Milford  United States
Interface Devices Inc specializes in designing and manufacturing air driven fluid pumps, hydraulic valves, and custom engineered fluid power products. Their products include air amplifier, air and gas boosters, gas boosters, liquid pump accessories, etc.

Keeton Industries develops biological restoration system for more than 30 years.

Keeton Industries    United States
Keeton Industries specializes in manufacturing biological restoration system for lake and pond environments. Their products include quiet line aeration systems, solar powered aeration systems, floating pond fountain aerators, aqautron, etc.

Magna Charger Inc specializes in developing and marketing complete charger kits for domestic cars and trucks.

Magna Charger Inc    United States
Magna Charger Inc is also a member of SEMA and MPMC has capability to design, fabricate, and produce supercharger system. The Company has also attended many automotive industry shows throughout North America.

Modern Medical Systems specializes in manufacturing laminar flow ultra clean air systems for prevention of airborne infection.

Modern Medical Systems   Farmingdale  United States
Modern Medical Systems manufactures laminar flow ultra clean air systems for prevention of airborne infection. Their products include integral fans, pre filters, filter gauge, operating room control panel, safety alarm system, power control panel, body exhaust system, bex exhaust gowns, remote fan, intercom audio system, etc.

Morgan City Rentals supplies construction equipments since 1970.

Morgan City Rentals   Morgan City  United States
Morgan City Rentals specializes in supplying construction equipments since 1970. Few of their products include anchors, chains, cordages, hooks, lifting clamps, shackles, sockets, snatch blocks, etc.



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