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Indevco Industrial Development sarl specializes in manufacturing and distributing paper and plastic packages for more than 50 years.

Indevco Industrial Development sarl    
Indevco Industrial Development sarl manufactures and distributes paper, plastic packages, corrugated containers, personal care hygiene disposables and household, and institutional tissue products for more than 50 years. The company products include agricultural films and packages, bakery packages, beverage packages, confectionery packages, creative packages, dairy packages, dry Food packages, fast Food packages, etc.

Kleen Test Products manufactures medical and agricultural products.

Kleen Test Products    United States
Kleen Test Products specializes in contract manufacturing and packaging of disposable products, including medical and agricultural products. Their products include personal care wipes, agriculture wipes, dryer sheets, milk filters, teat wipes, etc.

Electrolee manufactures and supplies agricultural electronic products since 1989.

Electrolee    South Africa
Electrolee specializes in manufacturing and distributing agricultural electronic products. The company product includes packaging machine for onions and potatoes, planter monitors, etc.

    United States

Carpet Backing manufactures fabrics for carpets.

Carpet Backing    Italy
Carpet Backing specializes in manufacturing fabrics for tufted carpets. The companys process involve extrusion of raw materials chips to finished products. Carpet Backing has diversified their production areas to agriculture, packaging and geo textiles.

HESCO distributes packaging materials for various industries since 1972.

HESCO    United States
HESCO specializes in supplying packaging materials for various industries. Their product includes fruit packaging, beverage packaging, adhesives, field bins, harvesting supplies, harvest chemicals, operating supplies, mesh and poly bags, safety equipment, apparels, etc.

Addendum S.A is a manufacturer of gearing products for automation, agriculture and construction machinery for more than 40 years.

Addendum S.A    Spain
Addendum S.A specializes in manufacturing gearing products for machinery like automation, agriculture, packaging, construction, textile, spare parts, etc. Their products include cylindrical gears, bevel gears, turning, milled and grinding pieces, etc.

Agripak (2M) Ltd. specializes in distributing selection of packaging products for more than 35 years.

Agripak (2M) Ltd.    Canada
Agripak (2M) Ltd. is a family owned and operated business, which specializes in the agricultural and food packaging business. Agripak (2M) Ltd. , distributes packaging products such as boxes, bins, bags baskets, pallets, dock plates, staplers, sealing machines, elastics, peach paper, steel strapping, stock labels, packaging tape, grape sleeves, etc. Agripak (2M) Ltd. , offers its customers with packaging products at lowest possible prices.

BEI Inc specializes in manufacturing agricultural equipment like primarily builds harvesters and packing house equipment since 1959.

BEI Inc    United States
BEI Inc manufactures agricultural equipment like primarily builds harvesters and packing house equipment. Their products include harvesters for raspberries, grapes, jojoba beans, strawberries, saskatoons, etc. , their modern technology to improve harvesting and packaging equipment. They help expanding fruit and vegetable handling equipment.

CEC manufactures and distributes rubber bands for various applications like packaging, stationery, industrial, technical, agriculture, fishery, etc since 1973.

CEC    Malaysia
CEC specializes in manufacturing and distributing rubber bands for various applications like packaging, stationery, industrial, technical, agriculture, fishery, etc. Their products include anchor band, industrial band, quick tite strip, antistatic band, lobster band, rubber band ball kit, belly belt, big rubber band, non staining band, rubber strap, tent band, etc., the company is quality certified to ISO 9001.