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Baldor Electric Company manufactures electric motors.

Baldor Electric Company    United States
Baldor Electric Company specializes in manufacturing wide range of electric motors. The company products are adjustable speed drives, AC motors, industrial grinders, linear motors, and DC motors.

Electric Maintenance Service Company Inc supplies eddy current drives and drive parts.

Electric Maintenance Service Company Inc    United States
Electric Maintenance Service Company Inc specializes in supplying eddy current drives and drive parts. The company also buys used drives to be rebuilt. The company product includes adjustable frequency drives, bearings, brakes, brushes, sump pumps, etc.

Berges GmbH and Co KG manufactures various mechanical variable pulley systems.

Berges GmbH and Co KG    Germany
Berges GmbH and Co KG specializes in manufacturing spindle and angled speed adjustment devices, hydraulic and electrical remote control adjusters, speed indicators and tachogenerators. Few of their products include double pulley drive RD b, double pulley drive KRM, RF, single pulley drive Fsb, etc.

EE Controls Inc.    United States
EE Controls Inc. offers sales and service of variable speed motor drives and controls from Extron Melltronics and Yaskawa venders. Extron manufactures industrial controls in the following areas dedicated logic controllers, DC drives, communication products, isolation cards, annunciators, etc.

Center Electric Inc supplies and provides electric motor repair services since 1948.

Center Electric Inc    United States
Center Electric Inc specializes in supplying and providing electric motor repair services. Their products include electric motros, speed reducers, speed drives, pumps, etc., their services include electric motor service, electric tool service, pumps, welding machines, electric hoists, battery chargers, blowers and air movers, adjustable speed drives, etc.

Danfoss A/S produces refrigeration and A/C, motion controls and industrial automation products since 1991.

Danfoss A/S    Denmark
Danfoss A/S specializes in manufacturing motion controls, industrial automation products, etc. Few of their products include floor heating hydronics, floor heating electrical, comfort panels, climate controls, vacuum valves, temperature switches, temperature sensors, etc.

HPT Precision Spindles and Drives Inc distributes various special electric drive systems for more than 25 years.

HPT Precision Spindles and Drives Inc   Newport Beach  United States
HPT Precision Spindles and Drives Inc specializes in supplying wide range of special electric drive systems. Few of their products are motor spindles SLF, belt drive spindles, custom spindles, machine tool spindles, electric motor controls, frequency converters BMR, inverters, adjustable frequency and speed drives.

Homewood Sales Corporation specializes in manufacturing electrical power distribution equipments.

Homewood Sales Corporation    United States
Homewood Sales Corporation manufactures electrical power distribution equipments. Their products include westinghouse motor and gearing products, switchgear products, control products, power electronics, etc.

Brusatori Spa manufactures AC and DC rotating electrical machines since 1954.

Brusatori Spa    Italy
Brusatori Spa specializes in manufacturing ac and dc rotating electrical machines. Their products include drive for wound field dc motors, drives and systems for brushless motors, inverters and other components for speed adjustment and automation. The company is qualtiy certified to UNI EN ISO 9002.

Built-Rite Mfg Inc specializes in manufacturing new dimension pinch type power rolls.

Built-Rite Mfg Inc   Conger  United States
Built-Rite Mfg Inc manufactures new dimension pinch type power rolls. Their features include forward and reverse safety foot switch, two-roll drive, magnetic brake on drive motor, solid alloy steel rolls, motor reducer with gear and chain drive, manual adjust on forming and pinch roll, caster on certain models, ac variable speed drive, air open end, etc.