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Activated Carbons offer products for various applications.

Activated Carbons    United Kingdom
Activated Carbons specializes in supplying eide range of products for chemical applications. The company offers activated carbons, adsorption equipment, and ancillary services.

Carbochem manufactures and distributes activated carbon products since 1981.

Carbochem    United States
Carbochem specializes in manufacturing and distributing activated carbon products. Their products include coconut activated carbon, coal activated carbon, lignite activated carbon, wood activated carbon, etc., their products are based on bituminous coal, coconut shells and wood and are available in granular, powder and extruded forms. They provide services include water treatment, food and beverage, catalysts, air purification, pigments and pollution control. The company is quality certified to ISO 9002.

AMCEC Inc provides solvent recovery using vapor phase carbon adsorption.

AMCEC Inc    United States
AMCEC Inc is a service provider, which designs engineering equipment and installs carbon adsorption systems for solvent recovery and VOC emission control. The company provides hydrocarbon and VOC removal units, VOC emission control systems, solvent and desorbate treatment systems, benzene recovery units, etc. Their services include reviews, expansions, operator training, repairs, servicing, controls upgrades, and carbon replacements, etc.

Gulshan Sugars And Chemicals Ltd. is a manufacturer of various industrial chemicals for multiple applications in several companies since 1980.

Gulshan Sugars And Chemicals Ltd.   New Delhi  India
Gulshan Sugars And Chemicals Ltd. produces calcium carbonate, both precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC) and activated calcium carbonate (ACC). Gulshan Sugars And Chemicals Ltd. has technical collaboration with IVA Industrie Beratung GMBH, Germany for supply of technology, supply of some equipments and design and drawings for production of paper grade calcium carbonate and overall project management.

Carbonair provides water treatment services and equipment for environmental, petroleum and construction industries for more than 20 years.

Carbonair   Jacksonville  United States
Carbonair specializes in providing water treatment services and equipment for environmental, petroleum and construction industries. Their services and equipments include mobile water treatment services, water treatment and remediation equipment rental, filter media, modeling and design services, STAT low profile air strippers, etc., their application include pipelines, terminals and tank farms, construction dewatering, groundwater and soil remediation, UST replacement, storm water treatment, etc.

Carbon Sales Inc manufactures non activated anthracite anthrafilt filter media product for more than twenty years.

Carbon Sales Inc   Wilkes-Barre  United States
Carbon Sales Inc specializes in manufacturing non activated anthracite anthrafilt filter media product. They produce nearly 300 specifications of anthrafilt, most between. 60 and 1. 80mm. They supplies municipal filters and serve the industrial needs of major petroleum refiners, pulp and paper manufacturers, and power generators.

Brimac Carbon Services Ltd specializes in producing adsorption media to purify drinking water for more than 170 years.

Brimac Carbon Services Ltd    United Kingdom
Brimac Carbon Services Ltd produces adsorption media to companies to purify drinking water and also make waste water safe for discharge to the environment. Their service include designing, engineering and installing process plant, and also offers a variety of methods for changing out adsorption media, replacement service for large and small water flows and equipment may be bought or leased.

Everfilt manufactures water filtration and treatment systems for 29 years.

Everfilt    United States
Everfilt specializes in manufacturing water filtration and treatment systems for industrial, commercial, municipal and agricultural settings. Their products includesand and media filters, cooling tower filter systems, ion exchange systems, activated carbon adsorbers, automatic strainers, dewatering filterss, etc.

Calgon Carbon Corporation specializes in manufacturing and supplying granular activated carbon, innovative treatment systems for more than 130 years.

Calgon Carbon Corporation    United States
Calgon Carbon Corporation manufactures and supplies granular activated carbon, innovative treatment systems, value added technologies and services for optimizing production processes and safely purifying the environment. Their products include calsolutions, containment, activated carbon, process media, ultraviolet light technology, engineered systems, consumer products, activated carbon cloth.

Cameron Great Lakes Inc manufactures and sells molecular filtration media, filters and filtration equipments.

Cameron Great Lakes Inc    United States
Cameron Great Lakes Inc specializes in manufacturing and selling molecular filtration media, filters and filtration equipments. Few of their products include vapor phase disposable filters, refillable vapor phase filters and equipments, activated carbon and specialty medias, liquid and vapor phase filtration vessels, etc.