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Phoenix Welding Supply Company supplies various welding equipments, compressed industrial and specialty gases since 1953.

Phoenix Welding Supply Company    United States
Phoenix Welding Supply Company specializes in supplying various welding equipments, compressed industrial and specialty gases, acetylene and beverage gases. The company also provide services and repairs regulators, cylinders, welding machines and their products. Their products include high heat torches, water coolers, automotive refinish equipment, mig guns and consumables, pipe cutting and beveling equipment, etc.

Hermitage Sheet Metal Ltd specializes in precision sheet metal work, oxy acetylene, metallic and argon welding since 1965.

Hermitage Sheet Metal Ltd   Herts  United Kingdom
Hermitage Sheet Metal Ltd specializes in precision sheet metal work, oxy acetylene, metallic and argon welding. They use materials like aluminium, stainless steel, brass, copper, and plastics. The company supplies products for the fields like aerospace and defence, medical and analytical instrumentation, ultrasonics, tele-cine equipment and fibre optic industries.

Technical Glass Inc designs, develops, fabricates, and manufactures custom scientific glassware products for the scientific and research industries.

Technical Glass Inc   Aurora  United States
Technical Glass Inc specializes in designing, developing, fabricating, and manufacturing custom scientific glassware products for the scientific and research industries. Their products include general glassware, electrolytic cell, optical cell, etc.

Taylor-Wharton manufactures cylinder and cryogenic products for gas containment industry since 1742.

Taylor-Wharton   Theodore  United States
Taylor-Wharton specializes in manufacturing cylinder and cryogenic products. Their products are cryogenic bulk tanks, beverage carbonation, pressure and acetylene cylinders, liquid cylinders, express trucks, cryogenic refrigerators, dewars and freezers, LNG tanks, etc.

LifeGas supplies variety of medical gas products for medical industry since 1985.

LifeGas    ,,
LifeGas is a division of Linde Gas, which specializes in supplying various medical gas products. Few of their products are high pressure cylinder, carts, disposables items, etc. The medical gases are like USP oxygen, NF nitrogen, USP nitrous oxide, USP carbon oxide, aerobic gases and medical laser gases, etc. Lifegas also offers asthma rescue kit.

Delille Welding Supply was founded in 1924. They specialize in supplying Industrial rare and specialty gases.

Delille Welding Supply   Columbus  United States
Delille Welding Supply supplies industrial rare and specialty gases, TIG, MIG, plasma and oxy fuels. Their products include disposable and non disposable containers, welding equipments, tools and accessories, safety clothing and equipments, gases and equipment, etc.

Ktsensor specializes in the manufacture and distribution of infrared gas sensor and gas detection systems for 20 years.

Ktsensor   Volda  Norway
Ktsensor is a manufacturer and supplier of infrared gas sensor and gas detection systems. They offer products like IR technology, gas samplers, infrared gas sensing, control and security technologies, etc.

Analytical Technology Inc is engaged in developing and improving the sensing technologies by the application of electrochemistry to air and water monitoring problems.

Analytical Technology Inc   Collegeville  United States
Analytical Technology Inc products includes water monitors like dissolved oxygen monitor, electrode conductivity monitor, water quality panel, etc. , and gas monitors like portable gas detectors, combustible gas transmitter, gas sampling system, etc.

Kendall Distributors was established in 1979 as a supplier of welding filter metals.

Kendall Distributors    New Zealand
Kendall Distributors offer a wide range of products like gas equipment, electrodes, electric equipment, auto wires, gas and tig welding, low temp alloys, electrodes, trade tools, safety.

FGB Manufacturing Co. is a manufacturer of pressure gauges, conforming to IS3624 standard.

FGB Manufacturing Co.    India
FGB Manufacturing Co. manufactures products like: pressure gauges, pressure indicators, differential pressure indicators, standard pressure gauge, industrial pressure gauges, liquid filled gauges, chemical seal type diaphragm gauges, and stainless steel gauges.