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Jewell Instruments LLC manufactures and distributes panel meters, avionics components, inertial sensors, and precision solenoids for over 60 years.

Jewell Instruments LLC   Manchester  United States
Jewell Instruments LLC specializes in producing and supplying panel meters, avionics components, inertial sensors, and precision solenoids. Their product includes accelerometers, inclinometers, etc.

Instrumented Sensor Technology specializes in manufacturing digital data recording technology. The company was established in 1987.

Instrumented Sensor Technology    United States
Instrumented Sensor Technology designs, develops, and manufactures digital data recording technology to serve a variety of markets. Their products include data analysis software, peak acceleration recorders, high speed data recorders, shock timer, motionmaster, etc.

AcceleNet, Web Acceleration, web accelerator, internet acceleration, internet accelerator, dial-up acceleration, email acceleration, email accelerator, 3G acceleration, satellite acceleration, satellite accelerator

Intelligent Compression Technologies   Quincy  
AcceleNet Internet Accelerator is the fastest web accelerator on the net for GPRS, 3G, dial-up and satellite networks. Get the fastest internet acceleration software in the world and get faster web browsing, faster email, and faster file sharing.

Setra Systems Inc designs, manufactures, and sells variety of pressure, acceleration, and weight sensing devices since 1967.

Setra Systems Inc   Boxborough  United States
Setra Systems Inc specializes in designing, manufacturing, and selling variety of pressure, acceleration, and weight sensing devices. Their products include fuel cell pressure transducers, industrial and pressure transducers, test and measurement, barometric pressure measurement, digital displays, meters, manometers, accessories, etc.

Electronic Control Concepts manufactures timing controls and instrumentation for x-rays.

Electronic Control Concepts    United States
Electronic Control Concept`s kVp meter measures the peak voltage in an x-ray head by sensing the characteristics of the x-ray beam. Electronic Control Concepts products include X-ray timer, instrumentation, X-ray detectors, radiation detectors and engineering. The company offers Electronic design services.

Henry Radio is the manufacturer of high power amplifiers for ham radio, business radio, scientific, and industrial users.

Henry Radio    United States
Henry Radio specializes in manufacturing high power amplifiers. They offer parts and accessories related to amplifiers, RF test equipment, business radios, ham radios, and other equipments. They also offer bird power measuring, tohtsu coaxial relays, motorola two way radios, yaesu and vertex radios, kenwood radios, etc.

Advanced Telemetrics International offers a wide range of telemetry transmitter products since 1987.

Advanced Telemetrics International    United States
Advanced Telemetrics International specializes in distributing wide range of telemetry transmitter products, which are used to couple data from rotating shafts or machinery to a stationary recorder. Few of their product models are 3024, 3025, 2025BP, 2042BC, etc.

Sensory Analytics - film thickness measurement gauges for coating & weight gauge measurements. SpecMetrix & Opticolor wet & thin film thickness measurement.

Sensory Analytics   Greensboro  United States
Sensory Analytics, LLC is an emerging leader in advanced coating and film measurement solutions for manufacturers. The Company’s innovative lines of SpecMetrix non-contact measurement systems are being actively used by global manufacturers to measure wet and dry coatings on a wide variety of substrates and end-products. Sensory customers are also now using SpecMetrix tools to measure new environmentally preferred coatings within metal packaging, aerospace, industrial and coated film applications.\r\n\r\nThrough the use of exclusive SpecMetrix technologies, manufacturers are able to significantly reduce their production and QA costs, reduce spoilage, increase product quality, improve production yield and reduce their environmental impact. \r\n\r\nSensory’s expanding cleantech product portfolio includes laboratory, semi-automatic, automatic, mobile and in-line film and coating measurement tools. The Company has secured a broad and expanding patent portfolio and has internally developed the significant volume of software, algorithms and intellectual property necessary to implement and protect its exclusive ruggedized optical interference technology. Only SpecMetrix systems contain this highly reliable, accurate and flexible measurement capability.\r\n\r\nHaving attained broad acceptance of its innovative and cost-saving solutions by established market leaders in the packaging and industrial film markets, the Company is now rapidly expanding within medical, solar, cleantech and green manufacturing markets. Sensory continues to seek out global alliances with established market leaders to help accelerate its rapid expansion efforts.\r\n\r\nBuilt on over twenty years of proven experience supporting customer coating and film thickness needs across multiple industries, Sensory actively supports the USA, Far East,\r\n\r\nEurope, Latin and South America from its headquarters facility in Greensboro, North Carolina USA. Our established network of international sales and technical support specialists are readily available to support your needs and inquiries.\r\n\r\nThe exceptional growth of Sensory has been the result of many factors, including:\r\n\r\n○Exclusive and robust SpecMetrix technologies\r\n○Flexible and modular system designs\r\n○Easy to use operator interface options\r\n○Superior customer support and service\r\n\r\nFor precise measurements in your manufacturing and coating processes, SpecMetrix can provide your business with film weight, wet film thickness and coating thickness solutions that save costs and improve systems production profitability. Thin film thickness measurements can also be made to the tightest tolerances with the SpecMetrix family.\r\n\r\nWe invite you to contact us to coordinate complimentary sample testing, to arrange a system demonstration in your facility, or to explore other areas where Sensory Analytics and our high performance SpecMetrix systems may be of benefit to you and your team.

Electron Crosslinking AB is a manufacturer of turn key electron beam accelerators for industrial and laboratory applications since 1984.

Electron Crosslinking AB   Halmstad  Sweden
Electron Crosslinking AB specializes in manufacturing turn key electron beam accelerators for industrial and laboratory applications. Their products include accelerator type 01, accelerator type 02, accelerator type 03, LAB EB 200, LAB EB 600, roll to roll 600 mm, roll to roll 1200 mm, board materials 1200mm, etc.

Our Company specializes in import and export of rubber accelerator, chemical additives, artificial plates and others.

yuanyemaoyi   xinxiang  0
Xinxiang Yuanye Trade Co., Ltd specializes in import and export of rubber accelerator, chemical additives, artificial plates and others.\r\n\r\nMain product category of the company includes rubber chemicals, timer, chemicals, construction and real estate.\r\n\r\nProduct range of the company includes rubber accelerators, rubber antioxidants, antiscorching agent, vulcanizing agent, and other chemical additives, artificial-plates, blockboard and plywood.\r\n\r\nProducts offered by the company include rubber accelerator MBS, rubber accelerator TMTD, rubber accelerator TBBS, rubber accelerator MBT, rubber accelerator CBS, natural formaldehyde-free eco-board, rubber accelerator MBTS (DM), natural formaldehyde-free blockboard.\r\n\r\nXinxiang Yuanye Trade company’s products have been registered and approved by national industry and commerce departments.