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Acme Products Co specializes manufacturing environmental products since 1967.

Acme Products Co   Tulsa  United States
Acme Products Co designs and manufactures environmental products, which collects and removes floating contaminates or pollution on the surface of water. Few of their products are containment boom, pumps and skimmers, sorbents, perma boom, floating baffles, decon pools, boom reels, trailer packages. The company is a member of Spill Control Association of America.

AF Pollution Abatement Systems Inc supplies spill response products and personal protective equipment since 1981.

AF Pollution Abatement Systems Inc    ,,
AF Pollution Abatement Systems Inc specializes in supplying spill response products and personal protective equipment. Their products include absorbents, poly and steel drums, spill control stations, above ground waste oil storage systems, skimmers, filtration systems, carbon filtration systems, industrial hoses, chemical detectors, storage tanks, etc.

Alphasource is a manufacturer and distributor of industrial and maintenance products for more than 75 years.

Alphasource   Philadelphia  United States
Alphasource specializes in manufacturing and distributing industrial and maintenance products. Their products include wiping cloths, polishing cloths, towels, spill control supplies, absorbents, safety products, foreign material exclusion and fall protection supplies, janitorial supplies, covertech tarps, tarpaulins and truck covers, industrial fabrics, cleaners and degreasers, material handling, etc.

Arcus Absorbents Inc is a service provider, which offers product guide for a comprehensive range of absorbent and spill control products through online.

Arcus Absorbents Inc   Toronto  Canada
Arcus Absorbents Inc specializes in providing product guide for a comprehensive range of absorbent and spill control products through online. The products include oil only, universal, gen purpose, granular, solidifier, spill kits, containment, etc.

BioCel Technologies is a division of Ecosorb international incorporated which manufactures recylced cellulose absorbent products for over 9 years.

BioCel Technologies    United States
BioCel Technologies provides with K-Sorb products which is used to clean up and control liquid spills. K-Sorb universal fiber is used for sludge stabilization and liquid waste solidification and it is also used to cushion containers and absorb leaking liquids during transportation.

Bro Tex Inc specializes in supplying wipers, absorbent products and textile recycling since 1923.

Bro Tex Inc    United States
Bro Tex Inc supplies wipers, absorbent products and textile recycling. Their products include scrim reinforced tissue, drc wipers, spunlace products, specialty products, tissue and toweling, cloth wipers, towels, industrial sorbent products, microfiber, etc.

Chemstore Engineering Ltd. is a designer, manufacturer and supplier of environmental safety equipment and services for storage, handling and transportation requirements of chemical, acid, hazardous materials and flammable liquids.

Chemstore Engineering Ltd.    United Kingdom
Chemstore Engineering Ltd. offers spill protection and environmental safety storage solutions, products and services. The company product range include: bunded safety stores, fire rated stores, custom designed warehouses, safety cabinets, poly spill pallets (corrosives), and steel spill pallets (flammables), etc. Chemstore solutions fully comply with EPA, IPC licensing, and the safety, health and welfare at work act 2005.

Cole Supply Co supplies cleaning products for more than 40 years.

Cole Supply Co   Benicia  United States
Cole Supply Co specializes in supplying cleaning products. Their products include paper, chemicals, machines, food services, safety, facility supplies, etc. specializes in providing safety products via online for agriculture, turf and landscape, pest control, nursery and greenhouse sectors.   Waukegan  United States provides safety products via online for agriculture, turf and landscape, pest control, nursery and greenhouse sectors. Their products include chemical gloves, cotton dipped gloves, disposable gloves, hand cleaners, insulated gloves, leather gloves, mechanics gloves, and utility linemen`s gloves. The company provides product of various brands like Moldex, LaCrosse, MSA, Best, Willson, Survivair, Tasco, Elvex, Presco, Bilsom, Haws Corporation, etc.

Dawg Inc provides spill wiping products and material handling products.

Dawg Inc    United States
Dawg Inc specializes in supplying products for cleaning up spills and material handling products. Their products include storage cabinets, oil spill cleanup sorbents, cloth wipes, industrial rags, polishing cloths, drum lifters, drum grabs, etc. The company also facilitates online purchasing.

Dongen Pallets produces pallets, and wooden packaging

Dongen Pallets    Netherlands
Dongen Pallets produces returnable pallets, expandable pallets. They are specialized in maintenance, repair, and complete management of stocks of pallets. Their various products are custom, pallets collars, boxes, and crates.

EnviroGuard   Calgary  Canada
EnviroGuard products include sorbents for all liquids including hazardous chemicals, spill response kits, containment booms, safety supplies and chemical-resistant clothing, skimmers, neutralizers, environmentally friendly lubricants and degreasers, and secondary containment products.

Environmental Options Inc specializes in providing hazardous and non hazardous waste disposal options since 1984.

Environmental Options Inc    United States
Environmental Options Inc provides waste handling services with all types of wastes, including regular waste streams, off specification materials, outdated chemicals, petroleum and carbon filters, mercury lamps, etc. They offer turnkey transportation disposal or recycling or reclamation, lab pack services or small container packaging, labeling or loading, etc.

Gelok International Corporation manufactures absorbent laminates.

Gelok International Corporation   Dunbridge  United States
Gelok International Corporation specializes in manufacturing thin, low dusting absorbent laminates, which are used in personal hygiene, packaging, spill control, filtration, medical cleanup, wound dressing applications.

Joseph Gartland Inc produces wiping rags, towels, disposables and cheese cloths for more than 50 years.

Joseph Gartland Inc    United States
Joseph Gartland Inc specializes in producing wiping cloths, disposables, towels. etc. Few of their products include hand towels, star seal bags, can liners, food bags, vinyl gloves, latex gloves, bath towels, half towels, dyed towels, etc.

Kamen Wiping Materials Co Inc manufactures and distributes wiping materials since 1896.

Kamen Wiping Materials Co Inc   Wichita  United States
Kamen Wiping Materials Co Inc specializes in producing and supplying wiping materials. Their product includes new cloth wipers, painters rags, aerospace wipers, veraclean wipers, antistatic wipers, microfibers, non woven wipers, tack cloth, anti fatigue matting, disposable garments, spill products, etc.

Lantor Inc is a manufacturer of variety of technicial nonwovens for the filtration, automotive, medical and protection industries.

Lantor Inc    United States
Lantor Inc specializes in manufacturing variety of technicial nonwovens for the filtration, automotive, medical and protection industries. Their products include surgical, orthopaedic padding, compression therapy, automotive interiors, automotive filtration media, etc.

Leahchem Industries Inc is a service provider in municipal and potable water treatment.

Leahchem Industries Inc    United States
Leahchem Industries Inc is a service provider in municipal and potable water treatment. They offer a wde range of products like absorbents, aspirator units, bentonate clay, citric acid, defoamers, hydrated lime, pumps, and quick lime. They offer services like industrial waste water treatment, mining and mineral processing water treatment, biological waste water treatment, contaminated water treatment, odor and grease control products, etc.

Molecular Products Group plc supplies chemical based technologies for purification of air since 1923.

Molecular Products Group plc   Thaxted  United Kingdom
Molecular Products Group plc specializes in supplying chemical based technologies for purification of air. The technology forms platform for carbon dioxide removal, chemical oxygen generation and toxic gas filtration used in medical anaesthesia, military air filtration, and purity gas processing, etc.

New Pig Corporation manufactures industrial absorbents since 1985.

New Pig Corporation    United States
New Pig Corporation specializes in producing industrial absorbents. The company product includes absorbents, absorbent socks, oil spills, wipers, sorbents, waterhog entrance mat, etc.



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