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Integrity Absorbents distributes industrial absorbent products.

Integrity Absorbents   Sarnia  Canada
Integrity Absorbents specializes in producing industrial absorbent products. Their product includes rolls and pads, socks and pillows, absorbent booms, drain protectors, catch basin inserts, spill kits, bulk absorbents, rugs and matting, etc.

Can Ross Environmental Services Ltd provides industry with economical products that contain and clean up oil and chemical spills since 1985.

Can Ross Environmental Services Ltd   Oakville  Canada
Can Ross Environmental Services Ltd specializes in providing industry with economical products that contain and clean up oil and chemical spills. Their products include absorbent recovery system, spill buster products, liquitrol products, spill busters in a box, spill kits, speciality products, eagle products, envirodrain, etc.

Empteezy Ltd specializes in manufacturing drum and IBC storage units and waste handling skips, etc for more than 20 years.

Empteezy Ltd   Livingston  United Kingdom
Empteezy Ltd manufactures drum and IBC storage units and waste handling skips. Their products include absorbents, spill kits, spill control equipment, spill pallets, internal drum storage, column guard, external drum storage, safety cabinets, safety cans, drum handling and ancillaries, etc. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001.

We specialize in the design and manufacture the Oil Spill Control and Containment Products.\r\n   Tongxiang  0
Tongxiang Xiaoying Pollution Control Technology Co.,Ltd is one of the largest environmental-protection companies in China engaging in the design and manufacture the Oil Spill Control and Containment Products.\r\n We mainly produce and research for oil spill cleaning on the sea as so large oil & chemical spill control equipments and environmental protection products and commit our effords to designing and producing the offshore drilling platform. We are one of the largest oil spill control products supply Groups in China.\r\nWe can supply for the details is as following Oil/ Chemical spill absorbent pads/booms/rolls for oil spill cleanup in the marine/land environment\r\n, Oil/Chemical Spill Kits/Oil Boom Storage Reels\r\n, Plastic Garbage bins ,\r\n Spunlaced nonwovens, wiper cloths/working garments ,\r\n Oil spill dispersant,\r\n Pollution Oil absorbent Pom-Pom, Oil spill berms\r\n, Liquid Absorbing Powder/loose/Pads\r\n, Pollution water absorbent pillows, Pollution/wast water filter netting pillows, Industrial Spill Mat, PVC/Rubber oil spill containment boom,\r\nand Oil Skmmer.\r\nAvailable products included solid flotation PVC boom,inflation rubber boom,inflation containment boom,oil absorbent pads, universal absorbent rolls, chemical absorbent booms, reel boom and so one. It is widely used in control and clean oil pollution in lakes and oceans, intercepting or separating water algae plants proliferation, suitable for industrial and environmental applications.\r\n

Institutional Textiles Inc provides online supply of towels, aprons, blankets, etc.

Institutional Textiles Inc    United States
Institutional Textiles Inc specializes in distributing towels, aprons, blankets, etc. through online. Few of their products are bar mops, diapers, napkins, glass towels, kitchen towels, sheets, pillow cases, etc.

IPS Hospital Services is a manufacturer and distributor of disposable hand towels, wipes and laminates since 1963.

IPS Hospital Services    United Kingdom
IPS Hospital Services specializes in manufacturing and distributing disposable hand towels, wipes and laminates. They also offer foldex dressing towel, foldex scrim towels, clinical sheets, theater towels, bed sheets, pillow cases, draw sheets, clinical absorbent protection pads, etc. The company is quality certified to ISO 9002 standard.

Physioroom provides sports injury, back pain, and arthritis care products through online.

Physioroom    United Kingdom
Physioroom specializes in selling sports injury, back pain and arthritis care supplies physiotherapy products and rehabilitation equipment through online. They provide knee supports and knee braces, back supports, ankle supports and ankle braces, shoulder supports and neoprene supports taping and strapping equipment, back pain relief products, memory foam pillows, swiss balls, wobble boards, resistance bands, orthotics, shock absorbing insoles, foot care products and blister prevention socks of brands such as Mueller, Donjoy, McDavid, Vulkan, and Cho Pat.

We specialize in manufacturing of travel pillows, such as travel neck pillow, memory foam pillow and cushion etc.   Yiwu  0
Best Travel Pillow Co., Ltd., created in 2008, one of professional manufacturer of travel pillows, such as travel neck pillow, memory foam pillow, microbead pillow, massage pillow and cushion etc.\r\n\r\nThe company Product includes Travel Neck Pillows, Memory Foam Pillows, Throw Pillows, Massage pillows and Bean Bags. Travel Neck Pillows include Memory Foam Travel Pillows and Microbead Travel Pillows. Memory Foam Pillows include Memory Foam Sleep Pillows and Memory Foam Cushion. Throw Pillows include Decorative Pillows, Cushion Blanket, Canvas Throw Pillows, Digital Print Throw Pillows, Leather Throw Pillows and Plush Throw Pillows. Massage pillows includes Neck Massage Pillows and Back Massage Pillows. Bean Bags include Inflatable Bean Bags and Bean Bag Chairs. A travel pillow can be made of various material, memory foam travel pillow, microbead travel pillow ,inflatable travel pillow. Cotton travel pillow and so on.\r\n\r\nCurrently the company has almost hundreds Employees work in factory with department of marketing shops, Designer team, Sublimation print, Stitch workshop and Quality Control, etc. And do OEM for most of the customers, which come from European countries, America, Brazil and some of Asia countries. The main customers which including American Airlines, Disney, Hollywood, MH and so on. The purpose is providing high quality products, cheap and affordable price, fast production and delivery, Excellent and sincere service.

We specialize in distributing packed desiccants and pharmaceutical coils for food, pharamaceutical, diagnostics, nutraceuticals, electronics, research laboratories, and shipping companies.\r\n   Scarborough  0
\"Desican Inc is a distributor of packed desiccants and pharmaceutical coils for food, pharamaceutical, diagnostics, nutraceuticals, electronics, research laboratories, and shipping companies. The product category includes activated alumina, chromatography adsorbents, container desiccants, consumer products, molecular sieve, pharmaceuticals desiccants, silica gel, and pharmaceutical coils.\r\n\r\nSome of the other products produced are activated alumina balls, aluminium oxide chromatography, silica gel chromatography, cargo dry pak, mold away, refesherator dry, storage dry, molcular sieve powder, molecular sieve 13X, 3A, 4A, 5A, desiccant canisters, humidity indicating card, silica gel blue, orange, white and oxygen absorbers.\r\n\"\r\n

We specialize in manufacturer and provider of fabrics and all kinds of home textiles.   xuzhou  0
Xuzhou Kinggoal Textile Co., Ltd is a professional operating home textiles, which set design, development, production, sales as one of the modern textile enterprises, the company is one of the earliest involved in home textiles industry, and has formed its own unique style of home textile enterprises.\r\n High quality products make Kinggoal product line to continue improvement, now the company mainly produces all kinds of fabrics, all kinds of home textiles, such as mulberry silk quilt series, children’s bedding series, Luxury Silk bedding sets duvet cover,flat sheet,fitted sheet,pillow case, Silk eye mask , Silk pillow series, blankets, Throw, series ect, total of hundreds of products. \r\n\r\nThe company offered all kinds of products to meet customer requirements and The Categories are Pillowcase & Pillow, Bedding sets, Duvet&Cover, Blanket&Throws, Silk Eye Mask, Bed Sheet Sets, and Sleep bag&cap. With the help of green production line and internationalized vision research design team\s advantage, the company introduce and cultivate of high-tech talents vigorously, make the product design level always maintain the leading position in the domestic counterparts on the basis of absorbing domestic and foreign advanced technology, the company promotes the various new product every quarter.